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Employee and Job seekers tips and guidance

How much power does HR have

How much power does HR have: More HR myths busted

A lot of objections or questions which cross our mind when we start working or...
essential travel items jumpwhere

18 essential travel items to carry while travelling onsite

Who is not excited about an on-site opportunity at workplace. For many of us, its...
acquire new skills

Looking to change your job – Here are few tips to acquire new skills before you QUIT!

Acquiring new skill is everyone's wish but nothing comes easy and there are no short...
skip or forget when we are late to office

10 things we usually skip or forget when we are late to office

It's human tendency to forget but it's human's choice to skip something. Majority of the...
lack of sleep office restroom mobile chit chat

Lack of sleep will result in killing your Productivity at Work

If you are an employee who works on so called 8 hours job; firstly it's...
strategies to deal with children scoring low marks

Eight superb strategies to deal with children scoring low marks for Working Parents

Examination fever flooded everywhere; may it be in the form of appraisals for yourself or final...
gst for employees

GST – What an employee needs to know

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax i.e. Single taxation system for a combination of many individually applied...
mid level employees

Mid level employees at HUGE RISK in IT Industry

Machines, Automation, Digital Innovations and many other aspects have become bothersome issues for mediocre mid level...
office restroom

Top 10 things people do at Office restroom apart from Normal job!

Visiting restroom is a daily activity of every human beings. But depending on the places,...
mother's day

Everyday is mother’s day and day without mother is not complete!

Expressing love towards mom is a beautiful emotion which a lot of us don’t realize...

Aptitude Question and Answers for Job Interviews

Every candidate (freshers) aspiring of job at any company has to clear aptitude round as part of Job interview. We at JUMPWHERE along with providing Job tips, interview tips, Job vacancies and Job opportunities; also provide APTITUDE question and answers. The purpose of this APTITUDE module is to expose candidates to possible types of formats and repeated Question which have been asked in IT industries for the purpose of recruitment.

quantitative aptitude
logical and verbal reasoning
verbal ability