qualities every recruiter will look while hiring freshers or fresh graduates

Firstly get your facts clear, You are not special. Every year at least 1.5 Million+ Engineering graduates pass-out in India alone and per few sources only 10-20% are company ready or employable. Recruitment teams of various technology companies have their own parameters for selecting candidates.  There are some key qualities every recruiter will look while hiring freshers or fresh graduates based on their requirements. If you are passed out graduate or a fresher or even going to pass out in few months, Ask yourself, where do you stand and how outstanding are you so that recruiters recognize you and your skill set and hire you as a fresher. For the ones, who have recently joined or have a year’s time; ask yourself where do you want to land before you are graduated?

The more consistent your efforts, the sooner you‘ll reach your destination

Every fresher must take this up: Truth or dare challenge

We all want to do engineering or some studies but very few are aware of what they are going to study before they take up the course or programme. Especially, in India, your studies are sometimes based on your parent’s influence, relatives or even friends and not actually based on your interests or passion. So, even if you are on a verge of completing your studies, I DARE you to ask yourself and answer sincerely, if you are really interested in the field you are currently studying. Remember:


Every fresher’s problem: Dream big but basics are badly screwed

We all wish to fly high and if there is a campus placement who is offering a less package; we feel we are insulted and no value for us. Wait for a second! Ask yourself ‘What package do you deserve?’. Also, ask yourself ‘What have you achieved to deserve that package’? For many of us who just have a paper degree and not even strong basics, stop dreaming and start working on improving yourself.

  • Have got no in-depth knowledge of basics!
  • Cannot solve a simple algorithm
  • Have knowledge but you can’t apply it practically.
  • Cannot be put directly into any projects in the company.
  • Need to study aptitude separately for interviews and it doesn’t come by default.
  • Cannot explain basics of technology to your juniors
  • Hunt crazily for freshers job openings every day but you don’t prepare for openings every day.
  • Cannot do your own college project properly
  • Are hesitant to give a presentation in front of your own classmates.
  • Cannot write one program in the lab without seeing the code!

and yet dream of great packages. The list can go on and on, however, one must realize their worth and then improvise the skills as the market needs!

smart goalsFor every fresher or fresh graduate, who is passionate, looking for a kick start career into the world of IT (Information Technology) below are the basic things a fresher job seeker in 2018 must possess in order to get hired or get an amazing opportunity to attend an interview as freshers in top technology companies.

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11 must have qualities every recruiter will look while hiring freshers or fresh graduates:

  1. In the freshers’ resume, recruiters first look for the following: Crisp introduction and area of experience. (E.g.: Strong Programming and Data structure skills or Strong e-commerce domain/telecom skills)
  2. Your educational qualification with your cGPA scores must be easily viewable. It’s not necessary to mention your 10th and 12th scores if you have prior work experience.
  3. Working in college project or any other project is a sign a fresh graduate have prior practical exposure. At times, your college projects will decide your career path as well (Read more: College Project may decide your job). If you have worked on multiple projects, Jot down your recent experience first and then previous stints. Also, you must clearly explain the following:
    • Projects you worked on.
    • Your roles and responsibilities in the project.
    • Technologies used.
  4. Donating blood, winning a 100-meter race, participating in college competition is not an achievement that a technical recruiter looks for. On a contrary, Your contribution to the open source (link to GitHub/stack overflow), participation in a hackathon, paper presentation in various forums, will value more. Top recruiters dig this.
  5. Participate in various online forums; contribute for some answers in stack overflow, solve some problems in sites like hacker earth, hacker rank etc. These websites will not only improve your skillset but also create a good rapport with the companies.
  6. Even if you did not graduate from a fancy college, your interest in coding or any field for that matters determines the efforts you put into learning new things as a fresher by yourself. 
  7. Please do not include skills like MS Excel. One, nobody cares. Two, most of them don’t even know 2% of what this insane application can achieve.
  8. 2 job changes in 6 months is a big No for any company. It’s a clear sign of trust and loyalty issues unless you have legitimate reasons.
  9. Many think lengthy resume means greater value. No one will read 6 pages of resume. So make it short and easy to read. Even Elon Musk has a 1-page resume. 
  10. Formatting of a resume is very important, yet people do not take it seriously. Reading an unformatted resume is a big turn off for recruiters and there are chances, your resume is not even read.
  11. Lastly, do not add skills or technologies that you have not worked on just to make your profile impressive. (E.g.: Languages known: c, c++, java, .net, PHP). Know your resume inside out as the interviewers will surely interview based on your resume.

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If you are a graduate and you still need continuous and in-depth training for months together, then there is a sense of lack-age in the education you receive or the kind of career path you have chosen.

is sitting is the new smokingTo conclude, the above mentioned are few crucial yet important qualities every recruiter will look while hiring freshers or fresh graduates. The opportunities for freshers are plenty but its only for the right candidate. A fresher must be passionate, have the right skill set and must be capable of contributing to their personal and company growth is considered while technical recruiters scrutinize freshers resumes.



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