Friday, January 15, 2021



  • College: Bearys Institute of Technology
  • Validation Code: JWANKITHA20192020
  • Certificate:
  • Experience: Best place for students/graduates who are looking for internships and jobs. Great source for jobs and career opportunities.


  • College: Shree Devi Institute of Technology
  • Validation Code: JWKAVYA20192020
  • Certificate:
  • Experience: I started my journey as Student Ambassador at JUMPWHERE.. It was my first experience as student ambassador and Jumpwhere made it the best one!! Their initiative to help students, understanding their requirements is absolutely good. As a student ambassador I have got good guidance from this team in various aspects of career!! Hope this support will last forever!! Thank you so much JUMPWHERE


  • College: Bapatla Women’s Engineering College
  • Validation Code: JWSAHITYA20192020
  • Certificate:
  • Experience: Best platform to learn everything related to placement session.


  • College: Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering
  • Validation Code: JWNABHAN20192020
  • Certificate:
  • Experience: As an ambassador i had an extra privilege and opportunities to speak to industry experts and got help in resume building & many more things. My friends & college mates really liked what jumpwhere was providing. They have really helped most of the students in all possible ways to build their careers. This opportunity of becoming campus ambassador was introduced to me by one of our faculty and I feel it was a great opportunity.


  • College: Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and
  • Validation Code: JWPRANAV20192020
  • Certificate:
  • Experience: Best platform to learn everything related to placements from aptitude, resume to interview preparation. The mentors are always ready to help whenever asked for. Best website to visit for UG students searching for jobs in IT sector. I recommend all UG students to follow Jumpwhere. Had a great valuable experience gained from them.


  • College: Bearys Institute of Technology
  • Validation Code: JWRABIYA20192020
  • Certificate:
  • Experience: I have been ambassador at Jumpwhere for an year and it was a pleasure being it. Got to learn so many new things in the technical world. They had us prepared for the ongoing technical interviews through various processes like aptitude problems and other kind of info. We have been introduced to various interviews as well. Learnt to be much confident in this competent world. Thank you Jumpwhere for the opportunity.


  • College: Sahyadri College of Engineering
  • Validation Code: JWROHIT20192020
  • Certificate:
  • Experience: The Student Ambassador program by Jumpwhere helped me a lot in transforming and putting my career in the right direction. I started exploring various fields of interest and got to know many internship and job opportunity and also learnt new things from Jumpwhere. Thanks for giving this opportunity.


  • College: Bearys Institute of Technology
  • Validation Code: JWSANYA20192020
  • Certificate:
  • Experience: Thus is the best place to start for a student or even a fresher for getting ready for a smart future! Being a student ambassador has helped me develop my aptitude solving ability and the best part until now is that there was not even a single break in the flow of learning, everything was taught and updated on daily basis!! I would recommend every student to be a part of Jumpwhere for a bright future!!


  • College: Sahyadri College of Engineering
  • Validation Code: JWUJWAL20192020
  • Certificate:
  • Experience: Best place for students and graduates to learn everything, aptitude and interview preparation. Learnt a lot as Campus ambassador. I would like to thank Jumpwhere team for this opportunity.