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If you are a fresher and if you are from a non-IT background or an IT background and wondering what to prepare for the technical interview at an IT company, this article will provide tips for freshers technical interview questions in IT Companies.

The most important tip every job seeker looking to crack technical interview questions in IT Companies is that one must not get scared of programming languages or EVEN syntax (especially if you are from the non-IT background), the companies will teach you how to write code but what you need to be worried about is the LOGIC and the APPROACH to solve any question or write any code.

Tips for fresher’s technical interview questions in IT Companies:

  1. C/ C++ Programming – Everyone learns a bit of C/C++ either in school/colleges. Right from how to declare a variable to how to make a function call (i assume these are very basic and everyone must be aware of this). One must also be able to write simple programs like Fibonacci series, searching algorithm, sorting algorithm or even code to get an output as per given patterns.
  1. Data structures  – Data structures are like pillars of the building. It’s a must, for every IT aspirants. This subject will serve as foundation irrespective of new technologies / new coding languages emerge. Therefore, lay down your data structures and algorithm knowledge foundation perfectly, to pick up any technologies easily.
  1. Database – The information you see in any web page/application or even this blog needs to be saved somewhere. However, for any large applications, the way you store, the way you retrieve the data matters a lot and hence need expertise. (like how it functions, how you write some simple queries etc, how can you fetch it faster, hot to optimize the query, how can you join 2 tables, stored procedures, triggers) etc. w3schools is a website which will help you kick start on these.
  1. Software Engineering – SDLC (software development life cycle) is must for every person who is looking for a job in an IT company. Hence you should know all the phases right from Planning to Maintenance phase along with the functionality of each phase and some knowledge on the same. Also, nowadays testing is getting popular so little knowledge on different types of testing too is an add-on.
  1. MVC (MODEL VIEW CONTROLLER) is a pattern used by most of the project in the corporate world. Wiki has basic information about the same.
  1. Software development methodology: Agile model, waterfall model etc. Once again, Wiki will help you gain the knowledge on each.
  1. OOPS concept – very important again. Usually asked few questions on these. Object-Oriented Programming Language (OOPS) has various concepts like abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance etc. Read on Wikipedia to get started with it.

Other tips for freshers technical interview questions in IT Companies:

Apart from the above topics, few things what every fresher should keep in their mind and prepare yourself:

  1. First and foremost your Communication skills; if you clear aptitude and have average technical skills but you have awesome soft skills and communication skills, you still stand a very good opportunity to crack the interview. This includes the way you sit, the way you respond, the way you present yourself, everything counts. Hence, don’t give up your hopes even if you performance was average.
  • College / Hobby project – Consider your college project/hobby project as your first project in corporate life. To excel in your corporate life, this is your first step. However, as part of your interview, you can expect questions around below topics:
    • What is the problem your project is trying to solve
    • Know the concepts applied
    • The significance of the same
    • Technically, how did u develop it?
    • Architecture of the project
    • Design diagrams for each screen.

You can outsource a project in your college life but you cannot outsource the same in the corporate world.

  1. Prior work experience ( i.e if you have any) –  Work profile, your roles, and responsibilities; this gives an idea that you have experience and carry professional etiquette.
  1. Your attitude – Very important deciding factor, you should be confident, bold and optimistic.

Aptitude Test round:

Most of the time, the first round in an interview will be an Aptitude test. This is what comes by practice and sometimes by common sense. Neither shortcuts nor any magic in this is will work. Only efforts, continuous practice and sometimes luck (as per candidates) will work. Check out our Aptitude Question and Answers

Lastly, as they say, irrespective of freshers technical interview questions, a good interviewer can judge a candidate within first ten seconds after the candidate enters the interview hall. Hence watch your moves and set the first impression perfectly right.

“Opportunities will be many but are you PREPARED to crack it?”


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