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Pandemic gave people the opportunity to work from home. Somehow, people adapted to work remotely. However, people who enjoyed working from home, missed the office environment later on.

While there are few people who still enjoy working from home, a lot of people find themselves dealing with environmental issues, depression and no growth. Especially if you are starting your career, especially freshers must prefer to Work from Office rather than Work from Home to get better exposure. There is nothing wrong if your preference is work from home but working from the office has its own essence and benefits. Now, if you may ask why? 

9 Insights Why freshers must prefer to Work from Office rather than Work from Home

1. Professionalism is lost:

One has to know the difference between each environment. A person doesn’t sit casually in their relative’s home and formally in their own house. Every environment has their own rules and regulations which help a individual to mold themselves. Each office has its own principles, culture and work ethics which helps in the growth of employees. Especially, college graduates who are still immature needs to work from office to adapt the same.

2. Ideas and information:

Assume, you are on a tea break, how many people are you going to talk to? A person who does not read newspapers and is not updated, is updated when he or she interacts with their colleagues. Thus, exchanging information keeps a person posted.

3. Lack of Creative ideas:

Surroundings decide your moods or thoughts sometimes. At times, Ideas aren’t put forward by restricted brains which are locked up to 4 walls. A person thinks out of the box when he or she outstretches their visions and explore new forms and brain storms with colleagues which is easily possible in an work environment.

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4. Communication:

It is easy to communicate via texts and emails. But are you confident enough to communicate face-to-face? Though you have received wrong information, are you able to convey and correct the received information? Lack of communication and public speaking make a person difficult to express their thoughts and rectify one’s doubts.

5. Network Issues:

Consistency of network isn’t always maintained which will restrict one from expressing their views, contributing their ideas and will carry out only the said task especially when you are in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Also, when working in collaboration, proper network connectivity is a must.

6. Electricity Issues:

Not everyone has the luxury of 24 hours power supply. Many cities and towns have frequent power cuts which will lead to missing out important meetings and delay in tasks which will lead to stress and half baked solution.

7. Work Pressure:

While in office, you will have a certain time limit, 8 to 9 hours as employees have to travel back home and of course all the mentors and colleagues to save you from any mess or hassle at office. As a fresher, you would definitely have some pressure to adapt to professional environment and working from office will make it easy. But if working from home, the employee has to bear the load of work and holidays will not really be holidays which will lead to losing interest in work and poor health.

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8. Lack of Availability:

When in doubt, you walk around the office and consult the person with needed knowledge. Calling, texting and emailing gives no surety of replies, there will be excuses, delays and unavailability of complete knowledge. As a fresher, you will get stuck multiple times and would need continuous guidance by seniors. This is 1 key reason why a freshers must prefer to Work from Office rather than Work from Home.

9. Balancing Personal and Professional Life:

It is difficult for any person to be confined to one place without interacting with the outer world which can lead to decrease in work efficiency and mental pressure. Focus plays a pivotal role in completion of work. Have you experienced forgetting steps in a task due to petty household task. Working from home brings in distractions due to lack of understanding in people and lack of monitoring.

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Working from home will let you be in your comfort zone however, the frog in the well will just remain a fool thinking he has seen the world. escalate the progress graph quickly but know that it will not last for a longer period. This is why work from the office is necessary, the progress will be slow and constant which will last for longer duration. The company will make steady progress ensuring employee’s health.

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