7 checklists for a fresher to consider a career at the Software Industry

Choosing a career as a fresher is one of the difficult tasks; especially when you are about to graduate or just graduated from college and clueless about what exactly you want to do. Everyone has that fear of making the wrong choices/decisions. Of late, a lot of freshers are inspired by different trending software technologies, so a lot of youngsters decide to start a career in the software industry.

A career is the one that stays with you; which you carry forward throughout your life and the future depends on this very decision. The very first common mistake that people do is failing to make the right decisions when it comes to career. We take decisions based on placements we get, suggestions from others or just because we want to earn money instead of considering our interests and passion.

With the right piece of advice and knowledge, you will be able to select a career that will lead to success in the years to come. Below are a few interesting reasons you must consider if you are looking forward to starting the career at a software firm.

Well, ask yourself the following to begin your career at software industry:

  1. Do you love solving logical problems?
  2. Do you want to solve problems in an efficient and cleaner way?
  3. Do you wish to change the world with some innovation in the world of technology?
  4. Do you hesitate to make career decision thinking that you might not get
    time for your personal life?
  5. Do you worry about job security?

If your answers are YES, then you must definitely consider Software Job as your CAREER!

Here are 7 checklists for a fresher to consider a career at the Software Industry:

Fixed Time than The Flexible One:

When you ask people working in different shifts (flexible shifts, night shifts etc), you will get to know how it feels working in a shift base, especially at the weekends. But when you work as a programmer, you will have the eight working hour, 5 working days. You can manage the time, create your own schedules. No weekend works, you can spend time with family. You will get enough time for your passions as well.

What’s more satisfying than the convenient working hours?

Game of Programming:

There are many programming languages like C, C++, C#, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, SQL, Python, PHP, RUBY, iOS, and HTML so on. Each and every programming language has its own unique features and may be best suited for certain purposes. Learning any of these programming languages will fetch you good opportunities. However, a career in the software industry is not just about programming. Check out other career options you can opt apart from if coding is not your cup of tea.

The Career should be all about the role not just about the job.

Bunch of Opportunities:

Does anyone dream of a job where you can stop learning and stop attaining success?

No!!!! Everyone chooses a career to achieve something great in the years to come. These days, the career in the software industry is booming for the right candidates. As a software employee, you get a lot of opportunities to grow and succeed. Moreover, there are numerous options such as developer, tester, designer, operations, analysts, architects, project managers etc and mastering one will yield you a great deal of profit.

Success is where preparation MEETS opportunities

Are you a Creative and Logical thinker?

As a programmer, the way you think, the way you try fixing the bugs varies and the very same thing applies to your daily life as well. You will start thinking out of the box as programming is all about problem-solving and applying logic.

Creative thinking leads to great innovations…

Dedication and Confidence:

Success is also about dedication. You may not be where you want to be or you may not be doing what you want to do during the journey, But dedication and confidence will lead you to an incredible destination. As a programmer, you get to solve complex problems which demands your 100% dedication and Once you solve the problems or bugs in the program, the individual’s confidence level increases, which motivates the person to achieve great success both in professional and personal life.

The Price of Success is Dedication and Confidence.

Job Satisfaction:

The most important thing for any individual is job satisfaction. If you are not into the field which is not relevant to your educational background, then you are more likely to be unhappy with what you are doing. Suppose if you are an Engineering graduate and studied logical reasoning, algorithms, Software development life cycle, soft skills etc. But you get to work in a call centre. Will you be happy and satisfied with your job in call centre compared to a career in the software Industry!!!?

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When in a team, communication with the team members becomes very crucial in personality development which sometimes also helps in getting the work done easier and quicker. Programming is one of that profession which provides a platform to develop valuable personal characteristics that will help you not only become a better programmer but also a more effective human.

communication is the most important characteristic for success as a software engineer


When it comes to a career, there are many things that need to be considered before making a final decision. Choosing a career is the most important decision you will make in your life and it can be a fun experience too, but it’s always important to think about what you really passionate about and whether you wish to take your career in the coming years on the same line.

Be sure to think about your interests and listen to your inner self. It’s never too late to plan your goals and to create your career path. If you are looking for any guidance or if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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