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Oops! Getting late to office! Let me have a quick look if I have necessary things in my bag. My mobile, ID, wallet with necessary change (money) for a day’s expenses, my kit ( 😉 ), lunch box, a notepad and a pen, and my weapon “THE PEPPER SPRAY”!

Yes, the day starts with a planning to welcome any kind of surprises. “Inform on reaching“ – we get this message in our mobile everyday without fail by our loved ones. Even now, at least once in a day a girl worries about how her day would go or end.

For example:

  • A woman is still tensed once she is in the cab thinking where would she be taken to.
  • A woman still needs to have her eyes on the route where her driver is heading.
  • A woman still needs to be away from those jerks who would otherwise be welcomed and so on.

What has still not changed is the threat of being harassed. The need for security is increasing even in this digital era. This cruel world is crossing all its limits with days adversely affecting a girl’s freedom! We all need to come together and take measures for making her feel more secured. Few of the companies provide cab facilities but they should also ensure that the female employee reach safely till her doorstep.

The company where a woman works should ensure to take standard measures to maintain her safety. What if there is no cab facility from your office? How do you ensure you are safe home?

  • The managers / boss should ensure every team member (female) reaches home safely if its late and its their responsibility to ensure their team members safety.
  • If there are no cab facilities from the company’s end, then it should provide work from home option for needful hours.
  • If your company doesn’t affords cabs, it should at least have tie ups with the cabs service providers.
  • I do agree we have UBER, OLA etc but if the company has tie ups, it might also fetch some kind of tracking (company’s responsibility though) and ensuring that the employees reach home safe.
  • The company should organize various activities like:
    • Women Empowerment programs.
    • Training on using pepper spray and self-defense measures.

Nevertheless, we should be able to take responsibility of our-self than expecting from the company. You don’t have to be an ninja expert or have body guards with you.

Make a simple yet smart moves like:

  • Train on using pepper spray and self-defense.
  • Avoid working for the company who expect you to work for shift but do not provide cab facilities or security.
  • Update someone regularly and constantly when you are in an rick / cab at odd times.
  • Ensure you reach till door step in the presence of your cab driver.
  • Most of us have smart phones. Make the best use of them:
    • Security/ safety being the utmost priority followed by Health, make sure you have related apps in your mobiles.
    • Figure out the latest cool apps which are running cabs or even any kind of vehicle helpful for women who commute in odd hours or even otherwise.
    • Running short of memory on your smart phone? Really?! Giving that reason when you are badly in need of help? Come on, prioritize your needs.

Remember! Any of the games, shopping apps or even social media apps won’t come to your rescue in odd times so think wisely.

Mobile applications like driveu, easycommute, shecabs, and so on are very handy. There are apps available which provide cabs with female drivers, with good tracking measures. Get yourself aware about the latest progress in this growing technology. Having done with this, spread this message and make your friends aware of the same.

Grow up! Make their best use. Know what’s more important to you. By taking care of yourself you are taking care of them. How long will pepper sprays work? Only until an anti-pepper product is introduced. So make yourself capable of guarding yourself as well as your kids, by training in self-defense.

Be safe and Inform on Reaching!!

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