Career options if you do not like coding coding is not your cup of tea

“CODING is the core component for IT enthusiasts” is one of the major blind beliefs of a lot of fresh graduates/students who plan to get into the IT sector. However, almost 30- 60% of the IT/tech job enthusiasts are not comfortable with coding or programming languages. Many students often have a question, if they can look for any other career options if you do not like coding.

Technology is developing at a great pace. It’s surely built atop computer code; however, you can still do a lot of things even without knowing hardcore programming. So, if coding is not your cup of tea, then why force yourself?

Consider these scenarios; Do you think each one of us knows the mechanism involved behind the bulb turning on and off! All that we are aware of is just turning the switch ON and OFF. Likewise, TECHNOLOGY! One need not actually have knowledge on programming, although it is good to have but never a necessity.

According to Kevin Maney, the tech columnist, there is much more to Career options if you do not like coding after a decade, almost in 2030. Computers will no longer limit themselves to understanding only their language but they are sure to understand a lay man’s language too! Hence soon the programming is going to take a new turn. To be more clear, programming or coding would be a closed chapter in from 2030. We will just tell the machines what we want them to do.

There is also a bold challenge of the machines performing self –programming which if gets succeeded would lead to a massive change. MUSE (Mining and Understanding Software Enclaves) is that project which is going to implement this and we are soon going to have it LIVE.

Thus, good news for all the non-programmers! Programming will no more swallow the youngsters. Though the progress is slow as per Charles Simonyi, we would soon get to hear about the automatic programming by the machines.

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Having said all this, what are the other Career options if you do not like coding where you can get your interest in / or get employed?

There are enough areas to be focused on, rather than just concentrating on the coding domain. Task management, problem-solving, learning new tools and methods, critical thinking, and so on and so forth are to be cultivated.

Other domains which have amazing scope apart from development are:
  • Testing Domain (Test Engineer)
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist / Data Analyst / Database Administrator
  • Business Intelligence/Reporting Tool
  • ETL expert
  • ERP tools (SAP/MS Dynamics etc)
  • Research & Development
  • Networking/Storage
  • DevOps/Techops
  • Digital Marketing/Social Media Expert
  • User Experiences
  • Product Manager/Project Manager
  • Tech Support
  • Technical Recruitment

Example: It’s always better to be the best ANALYST than be an average DEVELOPER.

Note: The above classification is at a very high level and there are further classifications for each of the above. However, there might be some coding activities involved in the above fields as well.

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The most important to keep in mind is “If you are good with logic, syntax can be learned/thought anytime”.  So in any domain/language, implementation of logic and thinking is very much essential compared to writing syntax in a given programming language.

So wake up! Pursue your hobbies, chase your passion, and take short-term courses in the field of your interest. Don’t get tricked/trapped by the present education system or packages offered. It’s never late; if you are already CODING full time and you want to change or don’t like it; JUST DO IT because HOW TO CODE is never the end of the world and the world has more Career options if you do not like coding. Set your own path, do what you love than striving to love what you do.

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