9 Key Tips to remember While Preparing for Online Job Interview
9 Key Tips to remember While Preparing for Online Job Interview

Work life has changed drastically since COVID-19.Earlier job interviews were conducted in-person, but due to COVID-19 organisations are increasingly moving towards online job interview, as it has become today’s the ‘new norm’. Video interviews are certainly new challenge for many. However, good preparation is often half the battle, right?

While COVID-19 made online job interviewing a necessary practice in the current job market. Candidates should adapt to these changes quickly and ramp up their online job interviewing skills to capitalise on this opportunity. It’s popularity amongst employer’s is likely to stick post-pandemic.

Winning the virtual first impression can be more challenging than sitting down with a hiring manager. You’ll be missing out the human-to-human interactions and the non-verbal cues that establish much of the rapport built during an in-person interview.

The virtual world can be daunting and overwhelming at times but don’t worry
here are some tips to STAND OUT in online job interviews as personality traits shine through both in face-to face meet- ups and over camera.

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Here are the 9 Key Tips to remember While Preparing for Online Job Interview:

Research about the Company in Advance:

Prepare for online job interview just as you would for a face-to face interview. Do thorough research about the company by going through the job description, company websites, check with your seniors and talk to some employees already working there. Plan potential answers and prepare your own questions.

Have your resume, pen and notepad ready near you during the call to keep track of interesting discussions, information about the job, and questions that you have that may come up throughout the interview.

Set Up Your Surroundings:

Ensure your background is professional and clutter free. Find a spot with minimal noise with no distractions and somewhere you won’t be interrupted. Professionalism is paramount and that means your surroundings too. Keep your personal life off camera, so as to not cause any distractions, and let your skills and personality do the talking.

Test All Your Tech Stuff in Advance:

Make sure that all your gadgets are working to avoid any mishaps during an online job interview that includes your microphone, headset, camera and other equipment you use, and that internet connection is stable and reliable prior to the actual interview. This will give enough time to troubleshoot any issues.

Try to use headphones/ earphones to cancel out any background noise.


Practice, Practice and Practice:

Don’t skip  the practice round. (Practice before the actual interview.) That will set you apart from others in a online job interview, is the aura of confidence you emit. We had conducted mock interview for students on casual note. Check out one such interview below.

It’s not easy as it seems, many candidates cannot articulate what they’re most proud of and why via video. But record a video and talk to it and set your positions, volume levels and other necessary things.

practice makes not only a man but even a woman perfect

Dress Up Professionally:

You may be doing the interview in the comfort of your home, however put on real clothes not PJs. This is not how you want to present yourself to the interviewer. Treat the interview the same as if you were walking into the company headquarters. Wear professional business attire from head to toe, even though they can’t see you from the waist.

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Be Punctual:

Do you have a tendency to run late? Tardiness is one of the worst impressions you make in a job interview. No matter what format the interview may be, Even if it’s a video interview, it’s essential to be sitting at your computer at least 10-minutes before your scheduled time ,as it is mandatory to be on time at the job interview.

Maintain Eye Contact:

Look directly into the webcam! The hiring manager on the interview may be miles away from you, but still remember to address them as if you are talking in person. Maintain eye contact while talking and listening .It might feel strange but it will give the interviewer the feeling that you are holding eye contact and paying attention to the conversation.

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Monitor Your Body Language:

This one is the key!!Because you can’t firmly shake interviewer’s hand, you must pay attention to your body language before and during the interview .Our body languages influences how we think and feel about ourselves, which in turn changes our behaviour and changes our outcomes. So exhibit confidence through your body language.

Stay Engaged and Follow Up:

Just because you aren’t facing face-to-face interview doesn’t mean you should be less connected. Ask questions and Follow up just to see how your interview went- and receive feedback. Not only it will show you value their time, but it will be a win-win because whatever the outcome ,you gain experience and information.

The key thing to getting hired in any job, at any part of the interview process, is to look and sound confident. The above checklist will help you address things that will help you look and feel confident, but it does take practice.

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  1. Each should read this article before going for an interview. It explains all the preparation we have to do before interview and motivates to perform well in it.


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