Placements!!  The most awaited yet a nightmare not just for the candidates but even their loved ones as well. It’s that phase of life when all the hard work, efforts and dedication shall be well paid off; and the best part is when you get a job before you complete your studies i.e. via college placements. Lucky are the people who get selected in the campus placements but what about the ones who are left behind in the process. There are a lot of things a fresher must do when not selected in campus placements.

Placement is not the only option to get a job there are several other ways too. A fresher will face more hurdles once passed out of college but how do they proceed from college is the challenging question.

Usually, the placement season starts during the final year of academics, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get placed.  First and foremost, Concentrate on your final year projects, academics and try to achieve an outstanding score which will help you achieve better aggregate that is worth mentioning in your resume. An incremental score always speaks about your improvements.

Few nerds, scholars, enthusiast who isn’t fed up of torture (just kidding) or even people who are fed up of job search would have an interest or a thought about continuing their education and hence take up higher education. However, a lot of others students who complete their undergraduates would like to stop their classroom sessions either temporarily or permanently and start working.

Any job you are going to take up; look for the following:

  1. If the job offers you the abundance Opportunity to learn new technologies?
  2. Is it trustworthy or can you take the risk of working here?
  3. Will it help you to improve and build your present skills and master the same?
  4. Is the job offered really suitable for what you studied or what you are keen to pursue?
  5. If today was your last day, would you be happy doing the work you are going to choose?

10 things a fresher must do when not selected in campus placements:

  1. Most importantly, learn every day; irrespective of whether you have an interview or not but learn something every day.
  2. Build an application / demonstrable model / small project on your own which will help you to gain hands-on experience.
  3. Attend training, master a programming skill or new techniques and get certified. Companies prefer candidates who are certified from reputed training centres.
  4. Build connections with your close ones who work or know someone directly / indirectly who can provide the reference in their companies.
  5. Remember how we were told, respect your seniors. Well, that may come in handy now. Several companies now recognise employee referral drive. In this, a present employee of the company can pass on the resume of a candidate best suited for the job role and its needs. This will help one in getting an assured call from the company for their interviews.
  6. Irrespective of you like it or not, prepare yourself for aptitude, both verbal and non-verbal skills and the technology that you are interested in.
  7. There are several online tests such as myamcat, elitmus etc. whose score is valid for the interview process in a few companies. Send in your results to companies who would then call you if you fit the job role that they are looking for.
  8. Lastly, as you all might anyways do it; there are several online portals, websites that have now come up wherein one can upload their resumes / CV. The companies browse through those resumes and can give you a call based on their requirements. So be sure to upload an impressive resume and keep updating the same (preferably every morning).
  9. Follow social media; A lot of recruiters and companies update about vacancies on their social media pages.
  10. Create a LinkedIn profile, connect with recruiters and check for openings in their companies. Also, follow various groups in Linkedin, facebook etc.

Few tips a fresher must do keep in mind when not selected in campus placements:

  1. You may get 100 opportunities, but if you aren’t ready or prepared you may not even clear any. So keep progressing and preparing every day.
  2. There are enough jobs even today for the deserving candidate but ask yourself do you really deserve it?
  3. A lot of fake training centre and a lot of fake companies also exist; some even ask candidates to pay a huge money before joining. Do your homework about the company before joining or paying money.
  4. Don’t get frustrated or depressed during job searching. Pain is temporary and someday you will surely succeed. Never give up.

One thing everybody needs to realise is that no job is small or less, neither should one be worried much about the pay scale. A fresher may get poorly paid job but the important factor for the fresher to look in a job would be on how well he can learn and scale up. Master your technique and everything else will just follow.

If you have any concerns/queries, feel free to comment below and we would try our best to answer your queries.

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