Take Up Internships Before Taking Any Job

Finding employment is often a challenge, especially if you don’t carry any experience. Today’s excited students are looking for employment before you gain experience however companies are looking for candidates with experience. So what’s first? A Job without experience or experience without a job? Not both! It’s the INTERNSHIP that you need to do first and in this article, we will tell you 8 Reason Why You Must Take Up Internships Before Taking Any Job.

‘Internship’ – a career-based learning experience that involves a “real world” work environment and standard workplace expectations! All this explanation is great but why should I bother with an internship or why should I be doing one?

Well, here is a list of benefits that you can gain by participating in an internship and find out how an internship can prepare you for the demands of today’s workforce. 

8 Reason to Take Up Internships Before Taking Any Job:

College is asking for it! 

Right. Majorly, this is the primary most reason for any student to opt for an internship. However, there are a variety of other benefits following this

Understand work culture and environment

Depending on your subject/major, you’ll learn how organizations thrive and perform in textbooks, hear from guest speakers who mention organizational structures or dive into case studies about workplace culture, but nothing compares to living the real live experience. 

Since it’s the first company you would step in, an internship helps you to learn all about workplace culture, its environment and ethics, employee relations, and leadership structure, which would help you in your first professional job with more ease than if you haven’t had any prior experience. 

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Figure out your interest

While most of them probably want to walk away from an internship feeling excited and passionate about the experience, there’s a silver lining to be found if you didn’t enjoy the job: yes, that’s your interest! You’ll know what you like and what you don’t like. 

Moreover, deciding what sort of job you don’t want while you’re interning can help prevent you from accepting an ill-fitting job once you graduate. For example, You would feel you are a born coder during your regular classes, however, after actually interning as a developer, you might realize that it’s not your cup of tea at all!.

Similarly, you could be really interested in AI or ML, but actually working on that may not fascinate you at all.


Opportunity to learn from industry experts 

During the internship, not only will you be helping out the organization you intern with, but they’ll help you out too by providing opportunities for receiving feedback from someone who works in your desired field which becomes a very valuable factor.

You can learn from the experts during an internship. People/ Industry experts will be watching over you and working closely with you on projects so that you have someone to look up to and a goal to work towards. 

Perhaps you’ll learn new skills from these people and new things about the industry and life that you simply didn’t know before. Much better than just watching inspirational videos from the industrial experts, isn’t it?

Give yourself an edge in the job market

One of the foremost important add on viajumpwhere-internship-learning-opportunity internship is that college graduate who has already got some work experience through an internship prove out to be potential employers.

Internship experience makes a university grad more marketable as they typically require less training and may handle more responsibilities. You may also receive a better starting salary than those that don’t have internship experience and are entering the workforce or starting a replacement career.

Practical exposure to real-world problems 

The hands-on work exposure that interns receive is irreplaceable and can’t be obtained from a classroom setting, making this one among the foremost important benefit of the internship.

Interns have the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge to real-world problems/experiences, witnessing the day-to-day job duties/actual problem-solving skills they can expect to encounter in their chosen field.

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Network with professionals in the field

In the working world, it’s all about who you know. As an intern, you will be surrounded by professionals in the industry and it helps you build your professional network. Internships are not only for earning credits, getting a grade, or making money; rather internships provide a chance to infer knowledge from the people around you, ask questions. Also, the professionals you encounter during an internship are often your future colleagues or the connection to your first job. 

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Gain confidence 

Whether it’s speech making, giving presentations, or just suggesting new ideas, internships will build your confidence which allows you to grow as both a worker and an individual. Confidence is vital because if you don’t believe in yourself…who will? 

Internships will bring confidence which can also help in your personal growth. After all, practice makes perfect! It’s a platform to make mistakes and learn from it – instead of learning the hard way in your first job out of school. Check the below video containing every detail about what you need for an internship.

Do consider all the reasons to take up Internships before taking ay job and subsequent to the above, skills like communication, teamwork also is obtained in an internship, fully preparing interns to evolve and enter a professional career world. So, All in all isn’t INTERNSHIP A MUST??!!

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