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Human beings always love to progress; may it be personal life or professional life and in this era of competition, it is a common tendency to remain confused with a lot of questions in their mind. Success is the key mantra but are you satisfied with the job you do? Below are a few questions that one should ask themselves when it comes to job satisfaction.

  • Am I really satisfied with the job am currently doing?
  • Do I literally love what I am doing?
  • Would I love doing the same work if it was my last working day of life?

Just give it a thought, when people enjoying their job, it does not feel like the dreaded 9 to 5, it does not feel like WORK!

TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday!) is what you commonly get to hear from people. Have you heard anyone saying “Thank God It’s Monday!”? It’s an indication that you are not so passionate about your job. Rather, you find people usually enjoying their weekends as they work on those activities which they are really passionate about and that is the reason people come with the fresh mind to the office on Monday. People are satisfied with what they did on the weekend. In fact, many a time, one’s passion and their work for which they are paid, are not the same. If people look forward to their Monday’s, then they really love their job.

Should you work just to pay your bills, just to survive or just to make a living?

It’s agreeable that the fundamental need is to SURVIVE but not worthy if you are not satisfied with the job. Also, one shouldn’t forget that he/she can achieve anything if they are focused, have the right mindset, right attitude, and strong determination. Jeff Olson’s “THE SLIGHT EDGE” helps you turn your simple everyday decisions into great and massive success.

Imagine a person who is passionate about traveling and exploring new places but all that he or she is doing, is just working hours together in a closed cabin or a cubicle or even worse? Do you think he is satisfied with the job he is doing?

If you can relate yourself then take immediate measures; Live the life of your dream. Take risks. Parents expect and wish for a good education for their kids. But what is the guarantee that the same education would fetch them the job they desire and they are actually passionate about? It’s time to discover your true passion folks!

As Confucius said,

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

If you think that you are not satisfied with the job you are currently having then have a second thought without wasting any time. Below

5 activity that will help you kick-start your search for a satisfactory job if you are not satisfied with the job you are doing:

  1. Take a notepad and a pen.
  2. Quickly list out all the talents you are good at. (Not just play time, but even w.r.t work and whatever you are; may it be anywhere say workplace, home, society, friends circle or anything else).
  3. List out your dreams.
  4. Consider all the scenarios; Can I afford to do this? What is the risk involved, how much time would I need to learn the skills needed etc?
  5. Prioritize the list as per your level of interest.
  6. Now that you have listed all you love to do, against every line ask the following questions to yourself and pen down the answers.
    • DOING THIS – gets me excited so much that I can talk about it all day long?
    • DOING THIS – makes me excited to get up in the morning?
    • DOING THIS – I would be willing to do it for FREE?
    • DOING THIS – can make me lose all sense of time?
    • DOING THIS – gives me extra energy?
    • DOING THIS – makes me smile?

Answer them in this manner, replacing the word “DOING THIS”. For e.g. “Writing articles is so much fun”, I would be willing to do it even for FREE.

REMEMBER! Your life gets better not by a CHANCE but by a CHANGE!

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  1. WOW.. UR absolutely right 🙂 Job is not just waiting for weekend and paying credit card bills. There should be satisfaction in the work we do and how we do. Not all dreams will come true.
    I wished to be a Pilot but ended up in Software Industry 🙁

    • Yeah many dreams are killed by the cubicles. Sadly the nation missed a pilot. Dreaming is easy my friend but achieving it is very difficult. May we all have the zeal and courage to achieve our dreams.

  2. Liked the Article. Similar is what people’s confusion do when they choose the college or stream of subject. The only intention then is to get a job. But it is then when you get a job you realise that this was not my cup of tea.

    • yes very true Mohammed Azzan. Education is the starting point of the track. If the track is right then even if you move slowly, you will still succeed but if the track is wrong it doesn’t matter how fast you run. You eventually need to change the track and start all over again. May we all create enough awareness to help people choose the right track.

    • Even a sentence from the readers is motivation to write more. so thank you 🙂 Keep reading, commenting and motivating.

    • 🙂 its never too late to get started. Hopefully we all get enough courage to get out of our comfort zone and acheive our dreams.

  3. This is so spot on… love your article and its worth reading …. oh yea ” it’s a sad norm for people”, who are not satisfied with their jobs and that leads people get into failures or bouts of depression.This way gonna help them over take and redesign self for success and it will let them live to the Max….

  4. The above Artical is gud enof to understand wt we doing in daily life, is it true every bdy does the same including me. If it is Friday we are happy same of it is Monday we are sad no one does the desire job wt the like now ppl wants money so the join wt ever job for money but some ppl chose the passionate jobs and the above context is true….

    • Thanks for sharing your views Syed. Yes we should never settle with our job unless we find some job which motivates us to look forward for monday than fridays 🙂

  5. Wish evryone thinks this way…great read…i cant tell how many of them really loves thr job…but i can tell one thing for sure, admin is doing what he really loves…

    • Nicely put 🙂 Yes Vignesh i really love what am doing and feeling really proud that i am trying to make a small difference in people’s life. May we all do what we really love to do. 🙂 cheers mate 🙂

  6. Well…Yeap.. Suffering from exactly same syndrome. I see many placed in a company where he/she not suppose to be, i got a glimpse of their faces when i read this interesting article and i feel so bad about that working in a cubicle, with a unlike job. To make a change take a chance and find job which make you feel good at work.

    • Yes definitely happens with a lot of people. Dream high and aim high my friend. Try to achieve your dreams when you are young or repent later for not trying. Good luck Mukthar Shaikh.

  7. Really very important points that we all should notice in our life..
    We always go running around just to full fill our need and family need and then later regret that we left all our dreams and passion

    As admin told we never get satisfaction after doing our normal routine jobs.
    By life ends it should reverse , the job I did was the best for me I was so happy to do.
    But as usual we never think in this way.

    Admi thanks a lot for point out this great thought.
    It’s a great article which will open up many people mind ..


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