influence of colleagues at office

Every individual has a tendency to think by his or her mind and a free and peaceful mind is always necessary to think faster and better.  However most of the time our decisions are influenced by the people around us or people whom we often deal with.

Positive energy is an essential ingredient to progress and this energy is usually produced by the people you work with i.e.  your colleagues, co-workers, boss etc. To elaborate, consider the below mentioned scenarios:

Scenario 1: You have a colleague who is also a good friend to work with.

Scenario 2: You have someone who always stresses you out at work, may be a senior who pushes all his tasks to your court.

Scenario 3:You have a team mate who is unproductive, plain mean or even argumentative every time.

Which of the above scenarios would you prefer to be in?

Obviously neither second nor third. You wouldn’t feel comfortable to work with such colleagues as they would be the reasons for you to feel low or degraded. Only 2 out of 10 with whom you always move around would be your well-wisher. People around will always try to pull you down in one or other way.

As per the survey done by,  it is noticed that 62% of the crowd said, their co-workers / colleagues cause them more stress when compared to their boss. Having figured out the source of your stress, let us put more light as to how they affect us actually. Few factors due to co-workers / colleagues that would effect / influence on us are:

  • Communication: Having a good communication with co-workers helps a lot when you try to communicate with higher authorities or your client; On the other hand if your team mates talk in respective regional languages you would be left back a little.
  • Productivity: If your team is good they can even increase your productivity by valuable feedback’s, knowledge sharing and their experiences. On the contrary, if the team members are a little self-centered they wouldn’t help you if you are stuck with some work or take up additional tasks from your court although the team would need. Also, if your team members take lot of breaks, involve in unnecessary conversations, even your productivity will be effected.
  • Support: At times, your co-worker(s) can act like your backbone or rescue team ! This may include discussing the problems faced with your boss, task that you are handling, planning leaves and so on. You can only discuss this freely with your colleagues whom you are comfortable with. However if you don’t support them or if you don’t have a good bonding then you would feel alone or left out even though you have a team.
  • Motivation: Everyone of us gets more enthusiastic to work if there is a pat on our back. A lot of people have lot of problems but yet show up to work. A bit of motivation / support / appreciations from boss / colleagues help us remain motivated and reach the deadlines / goals.
  • Work Environment: Fun at work, also plays an important role provided the work is done as planned. Having competitions, events, engaging with co-workers creates a very healthy environment. On the other hand, an employee will be bored if the company just makes him work as the saying goes All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  • Assertive vs Aggressive: Assertive is the safest way to play and also accept. People who are aggressive can command or bully over the other but never win to convince anyone. Being aggressive you may get the work done but you will never win the person. E.g. if the boss is good you will agree to work on weekend however if the boss is bad you will start yelling at him for asking to come over a weekend.
  • Active listeners: You and your co-workers need to be active listeners. The more you believe in people and welcome their thoughts and perceptions; results will be more. Healthy discussions will help you solve more problems and hence and help to grow together.

The list is never ending however the former ones are few points that would help you prepare yourself before you get negatively influenced. The old saying is: “One bad apple can spoil the bunch”. However we would like to say, “Neither be the bad apple nor be in a bunch which has a bad apple”.

Make sure that your co-workers and colleagues know they are working along with you and not for you.



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