8 Proven Steps to Prepare for Internship

Knowing about internships is a major breakthrough but knowing steps to prepare for internship opportunities is another one. Well, now it’s about seizing the right opportunity or knowing how to grab/ move closer to the right opportunities. Getting yourself industry ready or at least say internship ready isn’t an overnight task and does need a solid good amount of at least 6 months of time.

Ask the following questions for yourself:

  • Opportunities are many, but what are your chances in there?
  • Apart from your grades and your networks, what else would pull you closer?
  • What will make any company give me an internship when there are so many students?
  • What kind of company or career I would like to make?

8 proven steps to prepare for internship opportunities in any field

Github/Gitlab link

Industries are generally looking for individuals who are passionate about building and you could preferably get started by building some simple yet interesting application and commit all your code to git hub or any repository. This would exhibit your enthusiasm and sound technical skills/coding skills and get your application noticed too!

Having said that, most of the corporate look for potential, not success. Therefore focus on building small projects in your class or in your spare time will show them your interest and skill set which will help your profile stand out.

Ranks in coding websites

A lot of coding websites these days like HackerRank, Coderbyte, Codewars, etc come up with frequent coding contests and offer points/ranking systems. Moreover, having secured a good rank in such platforms validates your good problem-solving skills and highlights your caliber and interest, and helps you even land an internship or job directly as many companies hire via these platforms.

Good LinkedIn profile

Though many tend to give their LinkedIn profile only a simple afterthought, there’s more to it!
LinkedIn offers plenty of opportunities for one who is looking for a chance and having an active and well put together LinkedIn profile will significantly increase the chances of being discovered by various companies looking to hire people based on the skills and experience.

A well-written LinkedIn profile will give you credibility and will establish you as a trustworthy potential candidate. In short, having a LinkedIn profile, which is one of the most powerful professional tools will help you a great deal in landing your dream job. And the sooner you have it, the better it will be for your career.

Completing Certifications are unique steps to prepare for internship opportunities:

As a student, the only way to showcase your abilities and skills is via the academic marks and certifications. Therefore, make it a must to mention all the certification courses (if you have done), your previous work experiences (e.g.: summer internships, short term internships that would have been for a couple of weeks), volunteer experiences as it adds on to your credibility and helps you get recognized out of the lot.

Companies do understand that not everyone will have a long list of previous work history, but some relevant experience is ideal/preferred.

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Hobbies / Competition/ Other skills

Many students believe that getting/acquiring an internship is only for the academically inclined one’s and one can’t have an internship if he/she are interested in other activities. But that is a myth! Adding about the activities/events or skills that you have pursued apart from your regular academics showcases your pro-activeness which would in turn help in being a differentiator to get the opportunity. To continue pursuing interesting extra-curricular activities as that too will become a talking point on your resume.

Articles/ Blogs/ vlogs/ Presentation Links

Alongside apart from your grades, also mention if you have built any websites, published a technical article or presented a paper or wrote some blogs, or even prepared some vlogs; as these activities demonstrate your ability to apply conceptual knowledge in various situations as marks alone do not measure an individual’s real worth.

An Impressive Resume is a primary step to prepare for internship opportunities

The resume is often your very first impression as it speaks out your overall suitability. This is the place to highlight your skills, prior experience, interests, goals, and achievements. A resume should be neat, ideally, a page of length, have proper spelling and grammar, and be eye-catching. Check the video for creating an impressive resume.


Have a Never Give Up Attitude

The last thing you need to know about getting an internship is that you shouldn’t give up if you don’t succeed in the first one. It can take time as it does for a lot of other things. And if you really want to increase your chances of getting an internship, you’ll want to try repeatedly or apply at multiple places often. By doing so, you have already proved that you are passionate about the opportunity, hardworking, and resilient.

if you’re diligent, you’ll likely land an internship sooner rather than later.

Any other steps to prepare for internship opportunities?

All in all, It’s all about showcasing or highlighting your achievements on all the possible grounds which would help you stand out from the rest! Keep trying and do not let go of this invaluable experience!

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