Every one of us is aware of the Hare and the Tortoise story. Though the Hare had the SKILLS, the tortoise won the race with its ATTITUDE! Skills can always be achieved through constant learning & training, but not attitude. Attitude matters and it can never be taught.

It’s really not worth having a big list of skills or certifications when you are not able to speak for yourself. You may have mastered any stream or said platform but that alone is just not sufficient. Any company would want to hire TECHNICAL WIZARDS but it is never an impossible job to learn a new tool or a new language etc. What matters more is how you picture yourself.

Your attitude, creativity, open-mindedness, communication, leadership qualities are also equally weighed or maybe even held most important during hiring. In simple terms, ‘Be the right team player’. Have a positive attitude which includes taking up responsibilities, complimenting each other, smiling at each other, respecting peers, prompt responses etc. as these are the keys to a successful workplace.

As per the recent survey the below priorities were cited:

  1. Personality
  2. Cultural Alignment
  3. Skill-set

We all are aware of the rapidly changing technologies in the industries which is responsible for the skills getting outdated in no time. All that remains constant is how you work, how effectively you work within a team, how you lead yourself as these qualities strengthen your work life and keep you there for a longer period. As mentioned earlier your attitude has a strong role to play as there is no room for spoon feeding when it comes to attitude. You got to have that self-determined quality in you which would make yourself autonomous. Build such a personality which can keep you flexible with the changing requirements and needs.

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Attitude matters and to know yours, you should ask yourself the following:

  • Your peers like to work with you
  • Your peers would react positively if they were asked about you
  • You welcome feedback and share your thoughts/ideas
  • You are matured enough to deal with the ups and downs well.

You might be hard working, and still not satisfied with the hikes and promotions. There might be situations where people who hardly work get good hikes or promotions but if your efforts are sincere all your hard works will pay off someday.

Many think buttering the boss is the easy access to hikes and promotions… But, ever thought how long they would back you up, not at all throughout your career! Then why do that? Moreover, that would never fetch you self-satisfaction. It is only your hard work at the end of the day which pays you off in a long run. Your impressive personality will surely SEAL the DEAL! But remember, never over-sell yourself.

Also, when you go for an interview it is always good to be curious to know about the company. Do some homework about the company before going for the interview. Your questions are always welcome by the interviewer. In fact, it’s kind of a green signal, if you have a couple of questionnaires, as it would show how curious you are about the company’s big-picture issues.

The interviewer will find thousands of resumes with the same skill-set, but it is only YOUR ATTITUDE and PERSONALITY which will be unique when it comes to his table.

Having said that, be aware that you can always be REPLACED! There is a huge crowd for every position with similar skills and with increased competition level, one must keep improving their skill set. But any skill set without a positive attitude is not complete. ATTITUDE Matters!

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