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Acquiring new skill is everyone’s wish but nothing comes easy and there are no short cuts when it comes to learning something. Everyone of us aspire to get smarter everyday but most of the time we are succumbed to our usual tasks may it be at home or office. Change is inevitable and with changes it is important to acquire new skills as per the changing technologies.

Every employee is sure to have one particular key point in their TO-DO List. Yes, am speaking about ‘Skills Up-gradation / Acquire new skills’.  Its that time of the year for most of the employees where they have finished their appraisals and adjusted with their new salary raise, promotion / no promotion etc. All our anger (if you had bad appraisals) has calmed down, all our expectations flushed down and now, we have even adapted to continue everyday normal routine work; however, few get frustrated so much that they end up quitting their jobs.

We would suggest, don’t quit your job unless you have experience in competent skills as per current market needs. Acquiring new skills while searching for new job is not worth it, one needs to have working experience in the same. With experience, our salary increases or not our skill set must definitely increase.

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We have a tendency to accept almost everything without even a second thought of feasibility check. The thirst to start working on the goals remains even after stepping out of the meeting room but not more than a day or two more. Reason being, these goals are almost out of their comfort zone. Comfort Zone can be anything, their interests, their openness to working >8 hrs if they are not smart workers etc. People are usually accustomed to the 8 hour job within which they somehow manage to complete the assignment and get exhausted by then and postpone the plan to acquire new skills as usual. We should rather work or spend our day as if it were our last day on earth.

 Never postpone your task to tomorrow. You never know what’s awaiting.

The usual complaint is always regarding not finding sufficient time for engaging themselves in the learning process. Seriously?! No doubt one hasn’t prioritized his or her goals. Believe me, when the foundation itself isn’t strong, no matter how heavy and strong materials are used to build, the building won’t stand long. So, firstly prioritize what’s important for you than giving excuses. I do agree there will always be some show stopper / hurdle / humps / road blocks or whatever you call it as.

A beautiful hindi doha (poem) written by Kabir Dasji:

Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ub
Pal Mein Pralaya Hoyegi, Bahuri Karoge Kub?


Tomorrows work do today, today’s work now
If the moment is lost, the work be done how.

10 must follow tips to acquire new skills before quitting:

  1. Attaining goals / learning are always tough tasks. One has to see to it that the engagement in meeting the goals is on track by constant mentoring and coaching. Have a mentor or friend to evaluate you if you cant evaluate yourself.
  2. Convert goal into milestone.
  3. Break the milestones into a framework. This again requires one to measure, identify tools and technology involved in achieving the goal.
  4. Break the tools & technologies into granular goals.
  5. Do a round of mapping of your existing skills with the required (new). This helps to conclude if they can be upgraded from the existing one or start from the scratch.
  6. Stop having the so called WELL PLANNED LIES. Yes, am speaking about the excuses. You will find plenty of them but only one progress.
  7. Few companies have mentor – trainee program where they assign employees to various experts who then train them. Figure out if your company has one.
  8. Most of the companies have online training classes where you can gather / acquire new skills and even get certified as well.
  9. If your company doesn’t has any such program, check for online courses. There are plenty of them for really affordable cost (e.g. Lynda, udemy to name few).
  10. Don’t quit unless you gain working experience in the newly acquired skill set.

Let me give a quick example:

Let us consider an employee has Data-science as the domain goal. This can be achieved using Hadoop tool which in turn requires JAVA skills. Thus, a JAVA developer can use the same known skill as an advantage and upgrade the same else will have to start learning from scratch. Learning from scratch no doubt needs a good coach and a good mentor to follow up.

Don’t wait till you PLAN to quit your current job and then panic because you are SKILLS DON’T MATCH CURRENT market trends. Start learning now.

At the end of the day it’s all what you want. You Decide. You want to MAKE PROGRESS or MAKE EXCUSES. Remember, excuses are the lies wrapped up in the reasons. We are here to guide you but it’s you who is going to make things happen and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Let us know challenges you face while trying to acquire new skills.

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