skip or forget when we are late to office

It’s human tendency to forget but it’s human’s choice to skip something. Majority of the people work during the day and it’s very common to be late to office or workplace. Blame the sleep or the traffic, few things we regularly skip or forget when we are late to office.

10 things we usually skip or forget when we are late to office:

  1. Brushing teeth: We are sure most of you won’t be surprised with this; let’s accept it; we have forgotten to brush teeth many a times. Thanks to mint chewing gums for the rescue.
  1. Taking bath / Toilet: No water at home or your roommate isn’t getting out of the bathroom or toilet sooner; if your office is close to your home, then you tend to skip pooping at home and run to office to poop out (Thank god! No out time for using restrooms)! A lot of time people even take bath in office bathroom after workouts or so.
  1. Having breakfast / food or tea: Eating / Drinking is the most common thing we skip or forget when we are late to office. If you are at home, you would definitely get scoldings from your loved ones (that too, to an extent as if you broke some law) and if you are staying away from family; then you can always skip without being offended. (Caution: One should never skip breakfast).
  1. Exercise: This will go off more as an excuse rather than being a reason to skip or forget when we are late to office. May it be due to extra sleep or laziness overloaded to stretch yourself. Blame your shoes or the morning breeze but easiest one to skip for many.
  1. Reading newspaper / Checking for unanswered calls / emails / Meeting timings etc.: A lot of time we somehow manage to check our phone; may it be to read out message or news. Few addicts don’t even get out of their bed without seeing their phones / news. However, a some time people skip seeing their phone or reading newspaper if you are super duper late. Suggestion, do check your phone; who knows, it might be a day off or you might have to hurry up for a meeting.
  1. Ironing cloths: This is my favorite; a lot of time when we don’t have time to iron, we start searching for those dresses whose iron isn’t broken or which doesn’t requires an iron. But, the secret is: the time taken to iron the cloth is very less compared to the time spent thinking searching for such a dress or even deciding whether to iron or not!
  1. Make up / Grooming: Well, irrespective of you make up yourself at home or not, your day at office doesn’t begins unless you go to restroom to check on your grooming again. Hence a lot of time people skip this at home if they are hurry and try to take care of this part during your journey to office. Needless to say, every vehicle mirror you see, turns out to be your dressing table.
  1. Mobile phones: This is fatal. Although irrespective of anything else, we ensure we carry our phone, but there will be a time where in you would be in so much hurry that you forget your phone; and then alas, whole day spent under depression if your house if far from office and if you are a millennial you behave as if you are in different planet altogether, don’t be so much worried; its just a phone. Take this as an opportunity to face the real world and interact with people around you!
  1. ID card / notebook / medicines / other accessories: Pressurized boss or colleague’s phone calls at last minute or hurrying up to catch bus / tram / cab. If your mind is stuck with something else at last minute, you are likely to miss your tiffin box, id card, watch, wallets, medicines etc. This is most common pointer that we tend to forget.
  1. Vehicle keys: Lastly, not a huge problem or sad as you can grab it soon in few minutes but enough to make your mood off or spoil the beginning of your day.

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We all have amazing reasons to skip one or the other activities irrespective of we are late or not. However, did you skip or forgot something today morning? Let us know what you usually skip or forget when you are late to office in the comments below.


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