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Travelling will be boring if you don’t plan it well and enjoy your journey; Of-course except ROAD-TRIPS! May it be functions, college or even workplace; we will definitely get bored sometimes and worst of all is travelling between home and office. No doubt, majority of people use public transport to commute between office and home. We at Jumpwhere think that, the time spent travelling to work should be considered as working hours as well. Most of us have been in either of the below situation at some point of our life:

“Ahhh!!! it’s 9 already and i just have 5 mins to catch a bus and reach my destination.”

“The cab has already arrived and I have to rush. Hurry up!!!”

“Again i will be late to office today! What reason shall i give today?”

After all the fierce battle from the bed to the bus stop, you finally get into the bus / tram / metro and if you are lucky enough you would even get sufficient place to stand on both of your legs properly. What more can you expect? A seat? ONLY IF YOU ARE SUPER DUPER LUCKY and of-course the cab takers, the lucky charms do not have to worry about hunting the place to rest yourself.

Now that you are settled and comfortable with your place. The very next thought which haunts each one of us is, ‘How to kill the time while travelling between home and office?’. A lot of people engage themselves with sleeping or listening to music with their ear-phones. Apart from this, below mentioned activities shall help to make your travelling easy and comfortable.

10 awesome things to do while travelling between home and office:

Mystic-Magical Mind: Close your eyes forget about the busy day. Just relax yourself, take a long breath. Remain calm and composed and send positive waves to your mind; even saying ‘Today it’s gonna be better day than yesterday and everything will be in my favor and i will accomplish all my tasks smoothly and steadily’. You can even do some exercises as well.

Smart-Planner: Lot of people reach office and then start thinking about their day’s plan. Why waste time when you can Plan your day while you are travelling. Plan smart and Kick start your day even before you reach office.

Gamer: If you are a gamer, this is best time where none except your destination will disturb you. From mobile games to rubix cube to crosswords to Sudoku. You can play plenty of this which will not only kill your time but also tickle your brain cells.

Music-o-radio-freak: Majority of people opt for this one. Hit like if you also do so! To everyone who don’t, Listen to your favorite songs and beat the heat. This would also help you to avoid the background noise and you will just enjoy your journey humming your favorite nodes.

The most peaceful one,
Silent yet killer Admirer: See around, look at the nature, the chirping birds, honking vehicles, restaurants, spas, your preferred closet. As they say, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Hence, explore the things around you and trust me you would be lost here.

The Readers of The Magazines and The books: Books can be your saviors at time to avoid the boredom but just make sure you don’t end up being motion sick or forget your destination and go on and on during your college days or study holidays.

Below pointers need some action and may disturb your co-passengers:


Talk to your travel buddy: Greet the person who is sitting next to you with a pleasant smile and have a healthy conversation which will keep both of you engaged and busy as the saying goes ‘Har ek friend zaroori hota hai’.

Stay connected: Call up your old friend or relatives or in-fact parents or anyone for that matters, with from whom you haven’t heard recently, have a lively chat and rejoice the moment.

Phone-a-holic: Use this part of your time to browse, watch videos, surf and reply to those unseen messages and posts on social media or even cleaning up your storage space in your phone; instead of wasting your quality time at your workplace.

Eat-o-fit: Lot of people skip their food when they hurry up for work. Keeping an apple or chocolate would definitely survive the journey with ease. Make it a habit to at-least carry a water bottle and quick snack which would help you to avoid motion sickness. Have a quick bite and keep sipping the water to be fresh and hydrated.

Apart from the above mentioned pointers if you are gutsy and want to go a little out of the box, you can also play games like dumb charades, Antakshari, rock paper scissor, thumb wrestling, riddles along with your co-passengers. Try these travelling hacks which will make your journey simple and easier and do share, what you do to kill the boredom while travelling between home and office.

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