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Expressing love towards mom is a beautiful emotion which a lot of us don’t realize its importance unless we are too late to express or we end up expressing with all compromises due to the materialistic worldly needs. This article is about one such child who is repenting for not living up to the emotional attachment towards mom and taking an opportunity to express the same on this mother’s day. If you are one among them, kindly read out the narrations; relate to your mom and try to make this mother’s day a better one compared to earlier and make sure every day is mothers day.

Beautiful narration about a child who always wanted to express love towards mom but never did until this mother’s day:

– When I was kid, my day used to begin with a sight of your smiling face! Every day was indeed a mother’s day for me. I don’t know why, but even to this date, I go blank thinking how shall I say ‘I love you mom’. Maybe my words aren’t sufficient to express it; hence I am leaving this note.

– While you badly want to take rest or take an off for the day from all your housework but still wake up thinking about me, I feel like saying I love you, mom…

– When the sun is about to rise and you come to wake me up, your reluctant hands wanting me to sleep for some more time, I feel like saying, I love you Mom…

– When you are bored of cooking the same thing  every day, yet cook my favorite dish (though you hate it). Not to forget the feel you carry; as if you won the best chef award just by hearing “hmmmm…yummy food…!”, I feel like saying, I love you Mom….

– Neither interest nor curious to know about the new technology or even smartphone but still eager to be in touch. Those constant messages to check if I reached safely by texting on WhatsApp or even saying “Have food on time”. Not to forget those silly sweet typos made in these texts (with a shy feeling of what would I think), I feel like saying it’s alright mom, I still love you.

– When our neighbor’s child reaches home and I am still out, those thousands of untold, un-shared thoughts running in your mind. You not uttering a word until I reach home and once I reach you start bombarding me with same words every single time; and I bluntly reply saying “Am grown up now, I can take care of myself” but what I don’t reply back is, ‘I love you mom, your scolding’s also sound sweet and memorable’.

– When you take all the blame when I break some stuff or misplace any valuables, so that dad wouldn’t scold me, I feel like saying, I love you Mom…

– While you don’t update with the current fashion trend, and pinpoint everything you feel is not in place (I repeat almost everything) and start with “hamare zamaane mein,…….bla bla bla…”, I feel like cuddling you and saying I love you, Mom…

– When my friend gets better marks than me and dad starts comparing; the way you hold my hands tightly to make me feel you are with me and those words of belief, “it’s ok beta, next time…”, I feel like saying I love you Mom…

– When I see my childhood videos (a flashback, refreshing memories) wherein you hurt yourself protecting me, which for a second takes your life away, but still not scolding me. I feel like running and hugging you and just say, I love you Mom.

– At the dining table when I say am full (realizing the less quantity), although badly wanted to hog it off if given a chance), still you serve me again, with an extra spoon (reading my mind), I feel like saying, I love you mom…

– When I think of those smaller to complex sacrifices you did in my upbringing and having no regrets, I feel like screaming at the top of my voice saying, I love you Mom…

– When you see my love towards you being shared with my better half, yet finding your happiness in mine and not complaining. I feel like saying, I love you mom…

– Moment’s when you recall all my mischievous deeds while I was a kid and remember every silly act of mine; I feel like saying, I love you mom…

– When I realize you just came out of the bathroom after crying secretly on the pain you have treasured in your heart; yet did not let me feel the pinch of it, I feel like holding your hand and saying I love you mom….

 – Sleepless nights during fevers to apology letters to my teachers, forgiveness for all my mistakes to supporting me against others even though it was my mistake; being best friend to best teacher; the memories I have are endless and I can write a book on the same. Although the current life keeps me busy; but the more I grow older the better I realize that mom, you are, were and will always remain my best friend.

How can I make sure every day is mothers day?

To everyone out there, if you have never said I LOVE YOU to your mom; give a try this mother’s day. We will not tell you how to spend mother’s day because we believe every day is mothers day and a day without mother is not a complete day. But, this (mother’s) day on-wards make an attempt to express all the love you kept within. It’s not that tough; Ek baar bolke dekho yaar, kitna acha lagega.

When we can say I LOVE YOU to our country, teachers, friends, better half, why not tell to someone who loves us the most.  She is the best actor at hiding things and she is the best detective to figure out anything you are hiding from her. This mother’s day, don’t hide any emotions towards her; let them flow.

Let her know you never meant to trouble her anytime nor intended to hurt her. Tell her, you always treated her like your best friend and how scared you are to lose her. Tell her she is the best secret keeper among all your friends and she is the only one whom you can count on; at any point in your life; no matter you turn 16 or 60.

You always took her for granted but this day onwards; along with taking for granted (yeah you won’t stop doing that no matter what) make her feel special, tell her she is your strength and she is the only one whom you can blindly trust on.

A simple “I love you, Happy mother’s day :)” would surely bring a huge smile on her face which can be cherished life-long; it’s a cheap deal my friends; just two lines every day isn’t difficult to anyone I guess.

Hopefully, this article highlights some of your mother-child bonding. Do share what was your favorite mom-child time.

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