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Everyone is busy with the hectic life they lead. Looking at the present day scenario, where both the Mother and the Father are working, forget about quality time with kids; they hardly make up some time for their kids. I agree, whatever parents do is purely for their kid’s future but i really doubt if they have ever asked their kids about what they want. Even then, parents must never compromise at the cost of missing the memorable and cherish-able moments. Time waits for none! same way, you can neither stop yourself by becoming OLD nor stop your children from growing up. However while parenting you can always be there, present, so that you don’t miss those memorable moments while they grow and have strengthen relationship by spending quality time with kids.

People usually have wrong assumption that spending money (directly or indirectly) on children is good parenting. Instead, spend twice as much quality time with kids and half as much money for better upbringing. Children are a blessing, hence if you cannot assure quality time with kids, please DON’T HAVE THEM, for they are never worth an absent parent.

Guilty of bad parenting? Simple tweaks to spend quality time with kids:

Win their TRUST:

No one opens up unless they trust you and kids are more tough when it comes to this. A hug, a smile, laughter with the kid, a small conversation, letting them know how precious they are to you, speaking positive things about them, a small walk in the evening (probably before bed), knowing their favorite pass time / hobbies and indulging yourself in the same with them. Believe me, they will love it!

Set an environment  where they tend to share all the day’s story before you ask anything. Be it at the dining table or replacing the fairy tale at the bed. Share your favorite childhood  times spent, than any imaginary story. See to it that you pay attention to them and their words. To be straight forward keep aside your gadgets which would otherwise distract you leaving your kid annoyed. They hate partial attention. Call them with their pet-names. This increases  the closeness between you and your kid.

Dedicate one day in a month:

Spend a day in a garden or even at home dedicating the day (if feasible) or few hours and teach a new moral on the very day. Celebrating doesn’t mean getting expensive gifts or cutting cake or making it public. Knowing your kid’s interest and working on the same with them, a candle light dinner in an open air (even your terrace), walking in the silent night with only your kid, speaking on how better he / she can be in the next month, his / her progress in the previous month. Also, speaking even about what he / she expects out of you would be a quality time making the day more special. Hence, Have a date with your kid at-least once in a month.


Try replacing the time spent on TV with the child with any of the above. Keep them away from the machine world (THE GADGETS). Play in the garden space or a park near by. Do some healthy exercises or play some fitness games. Sometimes taking out the old games out from the wardrobe and few short games will also help, no matter how silly the game is!


Escort from their school or any class (swimming, dancing, singing, karate, etc etc) makes them more happy. All the way back home discuss on the their best performance in their class and how they can improve themselves. Cook their favorite dish, Play their favorite game. Sleep besides them sometimes. Behave like kids with them such that you forget the entire world when you are with them. Most importantly, don’t forget to capture their expressions at such moments!

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Fool your kids for healthy up-bringing:

Yet another Amazing way to have quality time with kids is by indulging him or her while you are cooking, and enact as you are teaching the recipe in front of the camera before the countless audience, with the kid being the host of the show. Really, try this out! Involve them in getting the things for you or even adding few ingredients to the dish, and at the end, appreciating the dish and crediting your kid for cooking something so yummy. This not only makes them happy but also helps them forget their NO’s w.r.t the veggies they always hated to eat. It’s good to fool the kids sometimes for their own betterment. Never forget to make them realize on the same after they eat it, that even the one they hated can be so delicious.

Cheap and timely love tricks:

Surely, a lot of parents can do this on daily basis without fail. Do not forget to say I LOVE YOU once in a day, a warm hug and some good things about the kid. Preferably before bed. It makes the child feel more secure and proud of self, letting the child to end the day with a positive attitude. Cuddling helps a lot to stay connected. Make a lasting impression in their hearts whenever you sit with your kids.


P.S. : If you are parents or going to be parents, kindly share your feedback’s in the below comments section on spending quality time with kids.


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