is sitting is the new smoking

Not many of us enjoy our weekdays except for our body which rest’s comfortably while our brain is in constant pressure to excel in our (boring) job. If sitting is the new smoking, then get the best anti-smoking drug in this context is to be active or dynamic. Hence, stop pleasing your butts (a.k.a stop smoking). For many of us who have so called white collared job; once we are well dressed, we often do the following things:

  • SIT and have breakfast at the dining table. (15 mins.)
  • SIT and read Newspaper. (15 mins.)
  • SIT in the car or cab or any owned or hired vehicle. (Might be hours even, considering the traffic jams and the huge distances from home to work place) (1-2 hours roughly, or for some it’s even worse)
  • On reaching the office (any workplace), SIT and work till the tea and lunch breaks. Almost 8 hours (minimum)
  • SIT in the coach on the way back home; same as step 3…. (1-2 hours again.)
  • SIT on the lounge or sofa once home as you are exhausted all the day. (30 mins.)
  • SIT and watch TV or engage in smart phones or any other gadgets. (1 hour)
  • SIT and spend time with family. (1 hour)
  • SIT and make personal calls over phone. ( 30 mins.)
  • SIT and have dinner.(30 mins.)
  • Sleep.

Note: The timings are approximately considered.

Yes; Sitting is a SLOW POISON and this is why Sitting is the New Smoking! Roughly, an average person sits for 13 to 15 hours on daily basis, and approximately sleep for 6-8 hours. The day is done dude! Can you even imagine, you almost spend your day sitting either in front of your desktop,laptop or whatever, food, travel, relax and what not!

Come on! Stop resting on your butt and ruining your future to an extent you are least aware of and never dreamt of. This is going to have a very slow but vigorous impact on your health if not corrected.

Straight from the research blogs:

Australian Health Survey 2011-2012:

  • 60 per cent of Australian adults do less than the recommended 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity each day.
  • Only one third of Australian children, and 0.1 %of below 18 aged, does the recommended 1 hour of physical activity per day.
  • Almost 70 per cent of Australian adults can be classed as either sedentary or with low physical activity level.

Great Britain Research:

  • Average Brit spends a toppling 8.9 hours every day sitting down. Be it at work, in a car or relaxing.

Stand up meetings, stand up coding are few initiative companies have taken but critics have already entitled – Sitting is the New Smoking. However great personalities like Michael S Dell, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Dickens and many more have always adapted standing desk at their work.

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You can find much such truth from the real diaries but what we are concerned here is about the health. Surely, you will earn lump sum amount but is it worth spending everything in hospitals or medicines? Not at all.

Experts describe as ‘Sitting is the new smoking’. Is this true? Here’s a quick look on the adverse effects of being sedentary:

  • Increases heart diseases.
  • Type 2 Diabetes. Insulin effectiveness drops and hence high chances of diabetes.
  • Drop in good cholesterol by 20%
  • Various types of Cancer.
  • You happen to use your legs less, adversely affecting by welcoming joint pains.
  • 90% drop in the enzymes which are meant to break down your fat.

Thus, stop sitting yourself to death. Bitter truth is that we cannot even say ‘Better late than never’ when it comes to prolonged sitting. This is the reason why sitting is the new smoking according to few. Unfortunately, like in smoking, the effect with prolonged sitting is irreversible, be it by performing good exercises or inculcating good habits.


Replace sitting with following activities based on your convenience:

  • Replace car with your bicycle or walk or park your vehicle to a distance so that you get to walk more comparatively.
  • Replace elevators with stairs.
  • Use the pedometers more than your mobiles. Make them your pals. Spend more time with them and try beating your previous records.
  • Sit-stand desks, treadmill desks are to be used.
  • Get up and move every hour.

SIT less now to avoid life long REST FOR YOUR BUTTS and don’t become a non smelling smoker.

Hence, avoid sitting for long.

Will it be easy?


Worth it?


What do you think? Is sitting the new smoking? Do share your suggestions in the comment below.

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  1. Nice article.. Need of the hour.. I think we need to think of ways where we can be extra productive and healthy as well..


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