New job opportunity or Stick with the current job

Got a bad hike or working in a really bad project having the same job repeatedly or even working under a bad reporting manager. Sometimes it is very challenging and tough call to think if it is the right time for you to switch to a New job opportunity or Stick with the current job.

  • How would anyone decide whether it’s the right time to opt for the change?
  • Facing issues in deciding so as to switch to a New job opportunity or Stick with the current job?

Primarily, if the work you are doing is not working out for you, then it’s time, you need to be clear about what would work for you. A lot of time it is easy to think/speak out the frustration you have but challenging to work it out.

4 major factors to consider to decide whether to chose New job opportunity or Stick with the current job.

  1. LEARNING: How much do you think you would get to learn if you continue with your present job?
  2. POTENTIAL: Do you see any opportunities in near future which would make you grow and add-on plus points to your resume? If so, what are the chances?
  3. MONEY: The person who says money isn’t the matter of concern, believe me, is silly rich! Money is not everything, but it’s not NOTHING. Hence, know if you deserve what you get or if you deserve much more.
  4. VALUE: Do you think your work/contribution to your organisation is been respected and appreciated by your peers, your SPOC (client), your manager (boss) and your company? If so, how much?

Most effective things to do when you are ON BENCH!

Now that you have the four important factors you need to consider to win a fight with your confused mind of deciding if you need to change the job or not. Below is a small exercise which can help to decide on the whether to stick with the company or jump out:

Rate the above 4 factors ranging from 1 to 10 (1 being least and 10 being highest). This would be with respect to your current job.

Let me explain with an example:

Deciding Factors Rating
You hardly see anything to learn in your present job 3
You see no room for any opportunities in future 4
Pretty satisfied with the pay and you rate against the factor (Maybe money) 7
You can see some kind of value; respect and appreciation to an extent for your work 6


Now sum up all the ratings. So your current job scores 20! Repeat the same steps for another new job opportunity which you consider to compare. If this sums up to 25, doesn’t mean you should go for it, as this is not all.

There are two more questions to be asked to yourself on your new job opportunity. They are:

  1. Fear: How much do you fear your new job?
  2. Change: Will change of the job have an adverse effect on you? If so how much?
Deciding Factors Ratings
The change of job may have a little effect on your life 4
if you fear partially 5


Sum up these two ratings and subtract it from the one you got against the new job opportunity with respect to first four factors.

Here, it’s 25-(4+5) =16. Compare this with the ratings for the current job (here, 20). On concluding, 20 is better than 16 and yes it’s an indication you could continue to stick with the current job.

Hopefully, now it’s a little easy to decide without any second thoughts. Also read Are you satisfied with the current job to learn more about your current situation and wondering if you are stuck up at the wrong place.

People usually look for the better package but a new job opportunity shouldn’t be taken just for more money unless that’s the only goal you set for your life at work. Believe in yourself, Believe in your abilities and you’ll make the right decision for yourself.

Note: This is admin’s view and your view might differ on the same and the above article is just a guideline and not strictly to be followed on. Hence, take wise decisions.

All the very best!!

Happy Working!!

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