working with close ones in the same company is a bliss or nightmare

Over the years, people struggle to maintain healthy relations at home and workplace as well as balancing the same. We all have issues with many people in either place, dealing with different characters in all. Well, if you are able to balance it, great!

Few thoughts that we get when we are not able to balance between both:

“It would be easier for people were close enough to know me and understood my situations”.


”I wish I would not have worked under him as the issues are affecting our personal lives”.

Believe me, managing is purely up to our thoughts and our mentality and of course based on how good we manage things. But we, at JUMPWHERE are trying to figure out possible pros and cons of working with known family member/relative/spouse in same company so that you can take a better decision rather than repenting later on.

To be frank, a plus point for one could be a negative point for other. However, lets brief out both pros and cons to figure out working with close ones in the same company is a BLISS or a NIGHTMARE.

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PROS of working with close ones in the same company:

  1. Commuting: If it’s a family member, commuting wouldn’t be an issue. You would end up having great discussions during commuting, and time spent would be like a PHEW! Sometimes if its own vehicle, you end up saving fuel and money.
  2. Intimacy: Don’t get us wrong; we are only highlighting the increase in connection between the two, in terms of problem solving easier at work? This is because; people find it easier to explain things to known ones. Try to solve them as one team. This in turn increases the bonding.
  3. Support: You might support each other as you both would know the issues at office and how to deal with them. The understanding INCREASES. You might even end up helping each other in solving the issues along with other colleagues.
  4. Finance: People find it easy to maintain the financial balance while working with known ones. Planning for the family might be easier. Especially if you both are earning the same pay. Sometimes the bonus or sometimes extended health coverage etc would be added advantage.
  5. Productivity and Learning opportunity: According to some study, productivity increases while working with like-minded people, and hence usually they tend to hire spouses or the sibling or any one in relation to an employee. We even tend to learn effectively on the tools products, reports, business, new working trends and so on.
  6. Appraisal and Onsite opportunities: If your spouse or known one is in higher authority, your appraisal may go smooth (conditions apply, as in, if you share a healthy personal relation). Sometimes, it might be easier for them to get the opportunity to work onsite if one gets a chance.

WIFE WORKING IN SAME OFFICECons of working with close ones in the same company:

  1. You end up continuing the same old work related discussions even at the dinner table , while that would be the only place you would be together at home. If you don’t stay in same house, then probably whenever you meet apart from work you would discuss official matters. Thus, converting personal conversation into official ones.
  2. Sometimes you might not get the essential support if the third person involved is more close to either of you. Supporting any might lead to misunderstandings with the other.
  3. We kind of lack the personal space at work while dealing with people at office. Even, getting closer or having soft corners to someone at work, the late night dinners or the lunches or the treats or just an outing, everything might be questioned.
  4. Little do they realize how badly it affects during company loss. God forbidden! They might be thrown out same time, ending up with no income all at once (if its spouse). Even the weak compensations lead to frustrations. Hence, there are chances of lack of job security too.
  5. At times, your personal life issues may affect the productivity while working together or vice versa.
  6. If staying together, you might end up facing the same person at home and office leading to no change in your life. Even Kids might face issues if the timings you both spend at office is the same.
  7. Planning the leaves might be difficult if you both are working in the same team. Leave approval would then be very challenging.
  8. The rising of one and mere failure of the other might create a kind of jealousy and thus affecting the personal relation. This might even lead to hatred and increase the competition between two.
  9. No matter how hard you try, you finally end up bringing in the stress to home. If you stay together, resulting in more stress is to be faced by other members at home.

You might have many more points to add to any of the lists when it comes Working with close ones in the same company. For few it would be a BLISS and others it would be a NIGHTMARE. Feel free to share your views in the comments below.


THINK WISE! You are no more a kid; we have seen life a lot at this point of time. So play wise and don’t jump into conclusions. Adjustments, is part of life. You always have the GOOD, BAD and the UGLY. It’s your choice to adjust with the loved or a stranger. You decide if it’s a nightmare or a bliss working with loved ones.

Work is always an extended family. Make it stronger with your smartness and wisdom.


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