Promotion or salary raise

Everyone looks for career growth alongside the year of experience they gain. We are never satisfied with our present; Human tendency in fact. Yeah, am speaking about that raise in the number in your salary and that raise in the designation/position. Nowadays, only years of experience is not everything. Promotion or salary doesn’t increase with experience. Your efforts and targets speak.

We all are aware of the famous dialogue from the movie 3 idiots “Life is a race … if you don’t run fast … you will be like a broken undaa”. A similar case is a career in IT or any industry for that matters. Expectations increase with efforts, competitions and previous milestones and when the financial year ends or when the appraisal cycle comes into the picture, a lot of questions and thoughts arise in our minds:

Few thoughts that arise during the appraisal cycle:

  1. How will this year appraisals go?
  2. Will I get a better hike this time?
  3. Should I put my papers before the appraisals?
  4. I have not got a promotion for a while. Would my boss recognize my efforts with a promotion and/or salary raise?
  5. Am expecting x% of the hike this year. if I don’t get x% better to take the hike and search elsewhere.

Although, we rarely think if we really deserve a Promotion or Salary raise OR Is the work done really outstanding and great for which I will get a raise OR What are the factors deciding whether one deserves a Promotion or Salary raise.

Tips to prepare yourself for Promotion or Salary raise:

  1. Given a Scenario, when an employee completes a task before the deadline. Ideally, 80% of the employees would run away from the office but the remaining 20% are those who ask for more task/responsibilities. One’s approach to volunteer for extra work is a plus point itself to get recognized. Moreover, if the extra job is completed quickly and efficiently in a better approach then it’s like to add a point in the checklist.
  2. Speak Out!! No one is going to come asking for your concerns. It’s you who needs to take the initiative and ask for what you want. Hence, don’t sit back and wish things would take your side. Money won’t shower out of the sky on anyone (employee’s at least). Prepare a POP (Proof Of Performance).
  3. Since last promotion or salary raise, make a list of all the new skill-set you have learnt as well as all the jobs and responsibilities you have taken up.
  4. Mention the benefits or the impact of your work to the organization.
  5. Spot the unforeseen threat to the company and solve it. You would surely be noticed; hence more chances of promotion or salary raise.
  6. Convince the management to depend on you and explain to them how well you are ready for the next position/designation.
  7. Take part in organizational activities, represent your firm in social media or extracurricular activities outside your office and normal day to day KRA (say CSR initiative or competitions or delivering presentations at various forums).
  8. Not to forget, maintain a good rapport with your clients, boss and the team. Appreciations from clients are added advantage and Needless to mention, Your work should force them to do it and not use alternative tactics to be rewarded.
  9. Take up challenges and tasks which is taken by the people designated with the promotion you are looking for. This will make yourself ready for the same.
  10. Update your skills and not to forget that they should align the organization needs.

If you satisfy the above qualities then you are surely worthy for a promotion or an uptick in the salary. However, things might not turn on your favours every-time. Remember! Nothing comes for FREE. Work hard and don’t be discouraged as HARD WORK always pays.

“A successful career will no longer be about promotion. It will be about mastery”- Michael Hammer.”


If you did not get what you deserve, You must be likely asking below queries to yourself / boss:

  1. Why did you not get the Promotion or salary raise?
  2. What did you lack and how can you work towards the same.
  3. Does your manager / SPOC has a road-map for you for the next year?
  4. Corrective measures to take for Promotion or salary raise you were expecting.

Lastly, I would like to suggest you to try out knowing yourself, as in, where you stand in the current industry. Appear for a few interviews and then you will know where you stand and what your worth is. Accordingly, you can ask for a raise in your organization, thus by knowing your market value. You might not have to switch over always.

Good Luck for your appraisal cycle folks!

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