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A solo adventure and a group trip will surely provide total different experience. Similarly, Working alone or in a Team. Each of us have a different perspective of thinking. Some prefer and give their best while they work alone and some prefer team work. A saying that supports team work by Helen Keller, which says “Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.”.

Likewise, think if you are given a problem and asked for a solution. If you are working alone, You will anyways provide the solution. However, what’s the guarantee that it’s the best approach? But if you are working in a team, you could find many other approaches, may be even better than your’s sometimes, out of which you could pick the best. It doesn’t mean you failed but at-least no more remain a fool. Your brain will start to think in various possible angles for every such situations henceforth. It’s true that if you work alone, you get your own space, time limit, approach applied, new learning and positive thought process towards completion. On the contrary, working in a team reduces the efforts on the task assigned as it would be distributed among the team.

Having said this, we now realize that there are quite a few questions which needs to be answered in a diplomatic way. Working alone or in a team is one such example where, if you are given two options as answers you go with both the options, than sticking to one.

It again depends on an individual; whether he or she prefers in working alone or in a team. We shall quickly walk through the pros and cons of the same which will help you decide whether to opt to Work alone or in a team for your next assignment or project.

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Pros and cons of Working alone or in a team:

Working alone:


  • You are the BOSS!
  • Whole and sole owner of all the credits of the achievement is YOU!
  • Full on focus on the task. No distractions.
  • Independent enough to try out new methods.
  • YOU would be the decision maker.
  • Confidence on self increases by working independently and taking responsibilities.


  • Chances of becoming a fool
  • No motivation
  • Being a single resource, the absence would hinder the project deliverable’s. Difficult to plan leaves.
  • The management hardly notices our efforts though you are extremely talented and have good rapport with the client since there wouldn’t be any mediator through (Team Lead / Project Lead) whom they would be informed during appraisals.

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Working In a team:


  • Improves communication
  • Viewing the issue widely, in all angles.
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Recognition of your talent
  • Sharing responsibilities.
  • Task Division
  • Building contacts
  • Tackling complex issues with more ease.
  • New approaches can be developed for solving the issues.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Flexible leave plans as there would be a replace in absence or even the task would be shared and thus wouldn’t hamper the deliverable or productivity.


  • Need to work under supervision.
  • Lack of independence while working.
  • Dependencies will be tightly coupled with team members.
  • Stick to seniors suggestions / approach; no room for your ideas.
  • Politics in the team.
  • Chances of team-mates back stabbing you which leads to disturbance (loss on focus)
  • You will be compared with your team mate and the competition begins which isn’t good while working as a team.
  • Single person dominates.
  • During appraisals there are chances where they would consider the team effort and ignore the individual effort. Hence might end up in being biased on one’s side.

Above listed are few points of being in a team and working as an individual. Of-course, working alone or in a team have their own pros and cons. However, It all depends on the kind of project you are assigned to, your boss and environment you are working. Thus, it’s advisable to gain experience and be comfortable with both scenarios to remain competent.

To summarize, you are either, independent, dependent or interdependent.

Happy working!

Do let us know whether you like to work in a team or work alone in the comments below.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words Sama. Do let us know if you are looking for article explicitly in any topics so that we can write on that as well.


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