Considered to be the most coveted gem in the crown of our country’s economic growth, the IT sector has been hit hard with the ongoing global pandemic. The virus has significantly affected many well-established countries though its impact on India is relatively low than others but has battered the country’s businesses and economy. So how much damage does this inflict on the IT domain and how are the IT Job placements for freshers impacted by COVID-19?

While few IT giants deploying a different approach to deal with this problem, mid-size organizations and startups were forced to let go of their employees or undergo pay cuts for few months. And then, few firms have suspended all hiring plans for now. But even with all that’s going downhill around us, there is a flicker of hope.

Key activities to be aware of while preparing for IT Job Placements for Freshers Impacted by COVID-19

  1. Recruitment to onboarding – everything has gone digital.
  2. A number of resumes have surged drastically due to various job losses during COVID.
  3. The number of opportunities has also raised drastically due to the demand for technology-based solutions.
  4. Health care, Online learning, e-Banking, and e-commerce businesses have improved. For all job seekers, this domain knowledge can fetch you some good results.
  5. Education Quality and the learning curve have further decreased and this will definitely affect the hiring of fresh graduates.
  6. Work from home/anywhere concept has become the new norm
  7. The need for new leadership skills has come to the limelight as working from a remote location has raised.
  8. Protect your existing job rather than hunting one outside and up-skill as per market demands for immediate re-employment (Just in case).

Successfully working from home is a skill, just like programming, designing or writing. It takes time and commitment to develop that skill.

– Alex Turnbull

How to get IT Job Placements for Freshers Impacted by COVID-19:

Due to COVID majority of the mass recruiting companies have frozen their hirings and in return, the joining dates of college students have been postponed. Others, who aren’t placed are having a tough time due to no job opportunities. Well, to all the freshers and job seekers out there; this time shall pass but the filtering criteria will get more strict going forward.

The students are badly impacted as there is no exposure in terms of the classroom, project work, or even internship in companies. The only option to up-skill yourself is via online learning. So, while you are waiting for the opportunities kindly improve your skills on regular basis.

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As a fresher Impacted by COVID-19, few key areas to explore and learn:

  1. Apart from a creamy layer of Java, .Net and PHP the demand for Programming languages like React, Angular, and Python is increasing.
  2. Data Analysts/ Data scientist needs are increasing.
  3. Mid management is highly affected. Hence, improvising both technical and leadership qualities will increase your chances to get a job as a fresher.
  4. Don’t just prepare your resume but also demonstrate some projects you did by yourself.
  5. Don’t just apply for the job but participate in various hackathons and contests organized by various companies. A lot of companies hire via these methods.

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To summarise, the Indian IT sector did survive the COVID 19 but the damage was done and now the repair is in the progress. There are a few pros and cons for both employers and employees. E.g. Employers lost some business but the logistics operation cost was reduced. Employees are struggling with productivity due to various Work from Home issues but they enjoy the comfort of working from anywhere they wish to etc.

While most experts predict that the economic slowdown may water down almost all hiring plans, it’s still crucial to keep a hawk’s eye on what’s happening across various tech firms. The technology sector was most critical to track and with a coordinated effort, now the hiring is trending at full fledge at various levels.

  • If you are an employee and your company has started laying off or doling pay cuts, tell us about it.
  • Are you a fresher impacted by COVID, do let us know what skills you are learning and how?
  • If you are a tech recruiter looking for new talent for your workforce regardless of how the situation plays out, we would be glad to know your recruitment/hiring ideas.

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