Lock down or No Lock down: How to find Internships in India

Straight out of college without industry exposure or final year of college already pressurised with securing a job. Finding employment is often a challenge, especially if you don’t have experience and Unfortunately, we all would like to get employment before you gain experience. Looking forward to bridge the gap? Land an internship and if you are wondering how to find Internships. Here are some kick as internship opportunities to equip students with practical exposure to bridge the gap with companies.

Internships help us to actually find your passion and turn it into your career. Stay calm and get your first work experience by being an INTERN. Well, searching/finding for an perfect internship involves evaluating a number of options rather sticking to one particular approach. Moreover, having considered today’s increasing corporate demands, the high competition and the market fluctuations, it’s definitely not a cake walk! 

Searching for an internship isn’t only about polishing your resume. It also requires time and planning, but all in all the results are definitely worth the effort. 

Here are 8 fastest ways to find Internships in India:

Firstly have connections in the companies to find Internships

Whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook or social events at your university, use your connections! Speak with family, your study mates, your seniors, your neighbours, your lecturers or your friend’s dad who has a network or with whom you can get in touch with to find an internship opportunity.

A lot of times these kinds of recommendations might help you to save time. Professors and other batch mates in your major/course might be aware of the un-posted internships and might even have the knowledge you need to reach the destination. 

However, be smart when reaching out to the right person at the company. Use LinkedIn to know whether someone in your network knows the people at the targeting company. 

Easiest way but long shot,to find internships – Search online

Start searching on the internet to find internships. A simple search on Google should pull up a bunch of internship websites. This would allow you to fine-tune your search eventually to get just what you are looking for. 

You might also consider searching on popular job websites like jumpwhere.com, indeed.com, linkedin.com, internshaala etc, by selecting internship as your search option. Also, visit company websites and online and offline ads to  identify employers who could be keen about hiring an intern.


College tie up with various companies

The college that you are pursuing your studies might also have few company tie ups. Talk to your professors/ placement head find out about such companies who provides internships in the college itself.

Faculty works with students closely and often hear back from students on both the good and bad internship experiences they had, hence will be able to recommend better. Sometimes, this might not come upfront but many lecturers would have some connections in some company which can help you land an internship.

Online platform providing Work From Home Internships

Ever since lock-downs came into place on account of the corona-virus pandemic, some companies have made their internships virtual . Mirroring the work-from-home trend that’s swept office life during the pandemic and ensures safety!

Taking into consideration the new normal, it’s a way to learn remote working skills that are more important now that COVID-19 has changed how people work. However, you still gain those skills and valuable experience by this new way of working!

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Walk into the companies and check for opportunities

If you belong to any metropolitan city or IT hub like Bangalore, you can even opt to telephone or visit employers in your geographic area and inquire about internships. Again, be prepared with an “elevator pitch” – something that lasts about 30- 60 seconds to give introduction that sells skills and explains how you can be of value or briefly describes why they should take you on as an intern.

However, finding a company to walk in an remote area would be hard and would require to commute to the nearest career areas of interest.

Alongside, also be sure to follow up with employers whenever possible to arrange an in-person or telephonic interview!

Start your search early to find Internships

Realise that internships don’t start and end according to your convenience. Many companies have early hiring deadlines and commence recruiting accordingly. In short, don’t procrastinate. Start preparing at least a semester or 6 months in advance.

Check with your college or university to see what they recommend. An email communication between college and internship provider will solve lot of problems related to dates, confirmation, approvals and any other necessary communications.

Target Specific Companies and Specific Area of Interest

If you already know what you want to pursue internship, you must target specific companies/area that interests you. Say, any particular industry such as retail, healthcare, banking etc or areas like development, Testing, Analytics, Devops, Networking etc. You can even search by companies say TCS, Capgemini, Intel, Google or even startup companies. Once done, you can go to their websites (Make profile on their career website, it takes time so start early!), typically under the employment/careers page, to see if they have an intern program.

If that approach fails, send an email to the company and express your interest in being an intern for them. They might not necessarily have an intern program for you, but your interest to work with them is definitely recorded!

Brush Up on your skills

While you’re reading the different descriptions for internships, you would realise that they’re in search of someone who has a minimum of a touch knowledge of a particular topic or software. For instance, Maybe it has been a while since you used PowerPoint but there is heavy PowerPoint use for a certain internship opportunity you have your eye on. 

Hence, take some time to brush up your skill-set that the company looks out for. You can brush up on your skills with a quick online refresher course in order to put your best forward in the role.

When you apply for a job, you’re ten times more likely to get hired if you’ve had an internship, SO DON’T PROCRASTINATE  AND FIND INTERNSHIPS OPPORTUNITIES!


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