mandatory checklist before you move to a different country for work

Crossing Continents for a new job may sound exciting and interesting at the same time but is a lot more challenging when you actually try connecting all the misplaced dots. The list for you to check is never ending but here are 7 mandatory checklists that one must consider before you pack your bags and make the move to a different country or continent for work purpose.

7 mandatory checklist before you move to a different country for work

Find a Job Before You Go!

If you are planning to relocate to a new country for the first time and have no networks to help you with the whereabouts of the new country, then, make sure you have already found a way on how to manage your daily expenses/stay which is very much expensive. Plan and research thoroughly on the cost of living which otherwise would be borne by most of the companies for initial few days of your joining.

Visa considerations

Most of the countries abroad require Work Permits or Employment Pass to work legally in the country. Again, if you haven’t found a job already and still planning to move abroad you might end up paying a lump sum amount for the employment visa along with a lot of paper-work which otherwise is not required if you have a job.

For an instance, if you have a job offer and you relocate; the employer will guide you through every step. Right from filling your Employment visa form, submitting it to the Destination Embassy and getting all the required approvals and paperwork done while you are still at the ease of your home country. Now, that’s a great relief since you are still not aware of how officials work abroad.

Future Employer and Job Role

Research thoroughly about the Company and set correct expectations for why you are willing to take up this job. Your HR will be your guide throughout your relocation so ASK every possible question needed before you actually make a move or accept the offer and of course, take everything in writing. Contact fellow co-workers, or speak to someone who is doing a similar role in the organization for proper insights. Tools like LinkedIn should be helpful.

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Relocation and other Costs Involved 

It’s a mandate to discuss with the HR well in advance on the associated costs involved during the entire process. Below are the few pointers that need to be addressed before you start to relocate:

  • Visa Fees – This is the process of visiting the destination Country Embassy and completing the required paperwork. (All this has to be completed in Home country before you move to a different country for work).
  • Travel Expense: Check whether the employer will book the tickets for your journey or you can claim it later.
  • Food and other expenses during the journey: Most of the employers provide this facility but its always better to confirm.


Most of the Corporate employers in various countries provide temporary accommodation. Few provide for initial 1 month (or 2 months) so that the employee gets enough time to find a proper stay.  Also, you can always check with the employer if they have any Compensation or other benefits if you chose a stay based on your preferences.

Tax Policy

Every Country has its own tax treaties that are applicable for foreign workers depending on the Job type and Income. Research well about the tax percentage applicable and other perks of working abroad with your employer. Getting a clear idea about taxes is very important since it will directly affect your earnings.


Now that you have finally decided to make the big move and relocate do not forget to consider the ease and cost of travel to your home country. If you have your dependents relocating, check the feasibility. Kids education is another costly affair in the foreign land. Few cases, even your spouses will be granted work permit, check for the type of visa granted for your family. Also, calculate the Monetary transaction charges involved while transferring the money back.

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To conclude, the process of relocating for work can be stressful but it’s ought to bring exciting changes. New culture, new food habits, new places will teach us a lot. These changes will surely enhance your life knowledge and in turn, boost your career and personal growth. Travel, Learn and Explore but don’t forget the mandatory checklist before you move to a different country for work.

All the very best.

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