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Who is not excited about an on-site opportunity at workplace. For many of us, its an awful experience provided for the most capable employee of the company / project. For others, its either a business trip or a travelling opportunity. Irrespective of the purpose, travelling out of country has its own challenges and if it is your first time; with excitement we are nervous as well as scared a bit. We have come up with a checklist having essential travel items necessary while travelling out of country.

18 essential travel items one must strike off while travelling on-site or abroad:

  1. A Pen and a Notepad.
  2. Mobile phone, charger and Power Bank.
  3. Advisable to buy a local sim card from there as it would be comparatively cheaper than using your existing number.
  4. Do not carry any food items or liquid items in cabin bag.
  5. Do not keep power bank and coconut in Check-in bag.
  6. Ensure your existing card has International debit card / Credit card.
  7. Max cash limit to carry is $10000 USD in normal scenario without any declaration as per Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
  8. Telephone numbers of Onsite SPOC, office / client as well as the hotel you are going to reside.
  9. Carry enough clothes (Both formals and casuals) based on your travel period.
  10. Carry a plate, spoon, lunch box and water bottle.
  11. Health / Wellness products as per need (body lotion, perfume, nail cutter, comb)
  12. Carry International socket as shown in below image for all your electronic products. (Image).
  13. Carry passport size photos. This might be helpful is situations such as Visa extension.
  14. Carry minimum corresponding currency to pay the cab driver when you travel from airport to hotel (Later on, you can withdraw using ATM).
  15. Carry all the essential medicines along with the doctors prescription.
  16. Umbrella, Sunglasses, Jackets, Raincoat etc based on the place and climate of the place you are travelling to.
  17. Ensure your carry your passport every time you go out.
  18. Lastly, the most essential travel item i.e. all the documents one MUST carry with them:
    • Air ticket
    • Passport
    • Visa
    • Invitation letter
    • Travel Insurance
    • Travel Card
    • Hotel booking copy (if any)
    • Return Ticket copy
    • Identity card
    • Declaration of laptop given by the company.Lastly, but most essential travel item you MUST have are the below mentioned documents:
    • (Note: Best option is to have 2 copies of all the above mentioned essential documents while travelling)

BON Voyage! To all those who are still dreaming and waiting for the on-site opportunity, stay strong and prepare yourself! If you deserve you will surely get an opportunity but do not forget any of the essential travel items to carry while travelling.

Please note that above mentioned essential travel items are based on the situations we faced and came across. Feel free to add other essential travel items / pointers / checklist in the comments below based on your experiences.



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