Working woman

Never ending to-do lists drag you in all the directions in your day to day activities and have a sad ending with lot of INCOMPLETE tasks and deadlines. Not to forget the amount of guilt and frustration that builds as well as thoughts like “I wish i could quit my job “, “I wish my family would have been more supportive”, “I wish i wont compromise on my child’s future”, “i wish…”, “i wish…” etc etc.

Am sure every working woman who is also managing her family could relate to this. Tough job indeed! Working moms, women balancing home and work, are always on HOT SEAT!!

First and foremost, hats off to all the ladies out there. So, sit back and take a bow! Definitely not an easy challenge at all. But nothing is impossible.

I am sure everyone of you want to feel proud about having

  • A happy family
  • Me-time!
  • Great career
  • Holidays

In short, be a SUPER WOMAN!!

Family versus Career is no more a new worry. It’s quiet common and can be easily tackled provided you choose the right road-map. Be firm with your decisions come what may. You cannot get everyone into your shoes always and explain them but just like nothing else can take up the salt’s place in the dish, same way no one else can take your place.

When a woman gets back to work within few weeks after wedding or returns after maternity leaves leaving her 3 months baby at home, there are ill-speakers who would point out how bad mother you are. No one recognizes your passion towards career. Don’t be guilty. Here is where your family’s and husbands support is most handy and needed. If you got their back, that’s awesome else you would be little left back but have a firm belief and that will work for you.

Having discussed all this, what is the approach you got to follow to be a super Woman? There are many ladies out there who have built their own empire successfully!

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10 things what every SUPER WOMAN should keep in mind to win her family as well as work!

  1. Planning matters a lot. You should first take a deep breath and prioritize your tasks for the day. Yes just for the day!
  2. Plan your hours by dividing into two (office and home). Say, 8-9 hours for office and the rest for home.
  3. Now coming to the office part, don’t mess up things by increasing your task lists. Though you have a long list, pick those four P1 (Priority 1) tasks.
  4. Estimate these four tasks and finish them ASAP. Then take up another 4 tasks (P2) and complete that and so on. At the end of the day, You would be worry-free as the most important ones are already completed.
  5. Keep aside 1 hour for miscellaneous / refreshment (Tea / coffee break, lunch break, chit chats). Is it really needed? Yes its definitely needed for few as that will be the only break in your daily routine.
  6. Apart from work,  only a pen-paper / notebook / sticky notes could be your bestie. Write it down, what so ever be the task.
  7. Coming to your personal life, Every second is precious. Avoid re-work. e.g. Try to do necessary shopping on your way to work or way back from office so that you don’t have to step out again separately for grocery shopping.
  8. Sometimes RACE against the time i.e. Chop veggies for the next day’s bread or may be keeping your stuffs ready the previous night itself (be it what you wear, your bag, laptop, purse/wallet and usual necessary stuffs you carry).
  9. Recreation makes you fresh. Keep up with one of your hobby or any of your favorite pass time. May be playing with kids, cooking or even sleeping.
  10. Stay fit! Quick exercises to keep your body fit.

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In-spite of all the hard work, sacrifices and tiring efforts you might end up with couple of tasks unattended, couple of work not completed to the fullest. But remember that everything changes with time.

“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”


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