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A walk besides the beach, lunch at your favorite restaurant, watch a movie, catch up with your friends, go back to mom’s place (if you are married) or get relaxed are few of the best way to have a stress free weekend. But, playing various roles like wife, a mom, a daughter-in-law, one of the sources of income, house-hold manager, the first teacher of her kids, and being herself (if time permits) is stressful yet very common JD (job description) for a woman.

Men can but women cant:

Unlike men, who can easily go for after work parties, fall on the lounge or bed once home, woman needs to work like a machine and run the show pretend to be a super-cool robot. No matter what, she still needs to play the home maker’s role before hitting the bed. She gets impatient, irritated, frustrated, angry which again results in arguments leading her into depression. Believe me, these are the common symptoms when she is stressed but the woman is a beautiful actress to hide them. Who is more stressed is definitely a debatable topic, however we want to convey the message “women too need a stress free weekend“.

Men can always spend their weekend by relaxing with their family, friends, or alone. Women usually pile up the miscellaneous work at the weekend which could not be completed otherwise in the weekday. Forget about week day, even stress free weekend for a woman is very difficult to accomplish. We, at JUMPWHERE ask, why can’t they too relax just like men? Just because, she can’t avoid, she shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Does women really feel stressed out?

Even if small work is undone, women are blamed for not being well organized or taunted for silly reasons which could be ignored. When people preach saying men and women are equal, why not actually follow. Women do have full rights to have stress free weekend. They even feel relaxed when they are pampered, supported emotionally, than being left all alone.


Studies prove that women are more stressed than men. Stress is always mistaken to be related to mind. It’s purely due to physical and hormonal imbalance. It should never go out of control. This needs to be addressed before its too late; otherwise it will end up in mess. Early symptoms would be over consumption of food, sleeping for longer time, trying to hide from the crowd (being alone) and huge problems like bad relationships, fights without reasons etc. resulting in depression could also occur.

When it comes to HER, who again scores top in the stress test, who is the most active member of the family, things need to be in corrected. To put more light, woman must overcome her stress in a healthy manner which she can usually take place at weekends by giving a room for herself, her interests so that the next week is welcomed with great enthusiasm and goes in zoom.

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Simple ways for a stress free weekend:

  1. Go out for a walk / long drive / mini vacation.
  2. Exercise or start a new hobby. Perhaps read a book.
  3. Go to your loved ones place or hang out with friends.
  4. Let your loved ones cook else lock the kitchen and order from outside.
  5. Spend time with your kids and play their favorite game.
  6. Book an appointment with your health expert and get pampered.

If you are a woman looking for options for a stress free weekend, do try the above pointers and if you know a lady who deserves a stress free weekend, do help them to implement the same.

“Never forget lady! You look gorgeous only if you are healthy. So take care of yourself and exercise, which is also a stress reducer. Be fit. Spread joy! No one will be there for you woman, though you work for any one and everyone! Be there for yourself. Take a break. It’s really fine. Don’t wait for someone to get you a flower, instead plant one! “

To all the men around these ladies, you need to take an initiative on this one, else you would surely repent some day for not doing so. Sharing a secret, one stress free weekend = more productivity next week so invest wisely men.

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To the ladies out there, Surrender yourself for the day than repenting for a wasted yesterday! Sometimes being selfish isn’t bad either. Fuel your body in a better way for a speedy tour for the next week. Also adjust your attitude and see that all your extra stress is gone!

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