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Women can go on and on. From dresses to matching makeups. From working at MNC to sweeping in the house. There is nothing that can stop a woman. But, One thing that put’s even the best into an uncomfortable zone is “.”s. If you did not get that sign; well its !The periods! So messy, wet, irritating, rashes due to pads, smelly , cramps, backache, mood swings etc and of course still a taboo topic to speak about. Inspite of all the mess, the day doesn’t stop, the clock doesn’t stops, your daily activity cannot stop and you still need to work during periods.

Few women are lucky in terms of how their engine does not experience much pain, but many others get terrible cramps and if its a working day; then the mess just get’s doubled. Of course, you gotta be treated like a princess, especially during these days. But that’s only in the alice’s wonderland. In the real world, you still get up, freshen up and go to work or college and pretend as if it is just another day.

Instead of going and announcing a day off or remaining in the complete unproductive state, here are some options you can try to swim out like a pro surfer during your menstruation period and manage effective work during periods.

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14 ways to ensure stress free work during periods:

  1. Start your day with some orange juice or lemonade. (You can even drink electrolytes or any thing that is rich in vitamin c). This will relax your body and freshen you up in 30 minutes.
  2. Its normal tendency, the body retains water level during periods naturally and hence, people often suggest not to drink excess water, so that you don’t put on extra water weight! But, unless you are a super model who needs to go for a ramp walk, It’s normal to be bloated. So, ladies, take a chill and go with flow! stay hydrated!
  3. WARNING! WARNNG! Warn people like an FBI Agent with whom you spend your day with! So that, they do not irritate or mess with you unnecessarily.
  4. You know approximate dates, then why not smartly Plan activities which do not need to break your head during periods.
  5. Avoid lengthy meetings as it can develop lot of unwanted stress.
  6. Carry a bar of dark chocolate, a banana and a yogurt to let your day pass smoothly.
  7. You need not complete 8 hours at-least during these days and compensate during other days. Work during periods can slow down a bit.
  8. All the work out junkies, its your cheat day! Keep your diet aside and enjoy your favourite food. Grab some protein filled foods like dals, tofu , eggs, paneer etc to improvise your mood and grab some food items rich in fibres like banana, almonds vegetables etc which will help you reduce your bloating.
  9. Get pampered! Spend some time Getting a manicure or pedicure or even a foot massage or head massage!
  10. Most of offices have a ladies room. Take a break and watch a movie or some series or any other activities that you love or at-least that can keep you occupied or distracted.
  11. To have a clean and odour free periods, do not wait until the pad is fully soaked. Change your pad/tampons often when you feel uncomfortable.
  12. Take a very good bath at least twice in a day. I prefer a hot bath! Anyway its up to you!
  13. Workout during periods? Maintain a mild physical exercise as Exercise keeps the flow very smooth. But Rest well! Do not stress yourself by doing a lot of extra physical activity.
  14. Don’t be a jerk like below gif. Try to understand the situation clearly and act accordingly! Not everything and everyone is trying to annoy you.

Worst case scenario: It’s okay to take some prescribed medications few times in a month just when you know, your pot is going to break which can help you deal with the pain.

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Know yourself well first! Know the difference between how your mood swings during periods and other days. Know your patience while at work during periods. It’s okay to cry if you feel like! Crying out makes us feel better once the stress and tension is released out. After all of this and you are finally done with periods, it’s all set to go into ‘COMING SOON’ mode and the entire tantrum, Start all over again!

As everyone know’s, every year May 28 is celebrated as World Menstrual Hygiene Day. This year onwards, remove the taboo and speak it out about the so called “that time of the year”, share knowledge mentioned above and don’t forget to take a chilled out periods time. Indeed, periods is a natural process and Periods is not an end to anything!

Pamper yourself more during the sensitive days and chill girls, let your work wait! Do let us know, what is your secret of dealing with menstrual period and how you manage Work during periods. Also, if you have any queries feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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  1. These are really simple and helpful. This can easily be done without any difficulties. We normally face problems at office like, irritation and unwanted frustratiions. I shall try above steps mentioned. Thanks once again….


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