how to enjoy Pregnancy and Postpartum

Being a daughter, a mother, a sister and a wife is equally complicated in its own way. But being a mother is arduous. Yet it is magical! The excitement when the clock ticks past and you feel the tiny tot within is the most valued one. The hardship seems 40 weeks long but the real hardship begins thereafter when the veil is unveiled and the blockbuster show begins, casting you as the hero and your penny baby being your companion with your partner being your support system. But! how to enjoy Pregnancy and Postpartum?

Do not look upon pregnancy as a disease, but as a most beautiful feeling. The trauma of early morning nausea, emotional distress, acne breakouts and stretch marks may haunt and cause hurdle in the beautiful journey of enjoying pregnancy. But there are always ways to amplify the little joy motherhood brings and forget the hurdles.

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5 Guidelines on how to enjoy Pregnancy and Postpartum

Look good and feel good: It’s common for a pregnant woman to gain weight uncontrollably. Get in stylish maternity clothes, gaining weight shall not make you less beautiful. The skin may have breakouts, pigmentation, and acne due to hormones taking a huge leap and dive. Mood swings are common hence feel happy and confident to pass positive vibes to the inner soul.

Don’t listen to the cooked up stories by the Aunties: Everybody has their own bundle of experiences, but it doesn’t mean that each one of us may go through similar jitters. Grab all good that they suggest and dump all bad that they utter.

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Follow a Diet Plan: Eating for two? Well, …it’s a myth. Unaware of the consequences, eating for two will just bloat us up. Eat right! Not more! The war against those jelly belly is hard to win. To get them firm needs a bulk of workouts. Gaining up to 16kgs for a normal weighed woman is an appropriate gain, with every woman gaining with respect to their BMI. Exceeding the limit would just make you a “bean bag”. Download a pregnancy app –it will be helpful in maintaining a nutritional track and day to day routine.

Listen, speak and see pleasant: Teaching begins right from the womb. Teach and preach your penny baby with all the fortunes. The good ambiance around leads to sound peace within. Make a schedule to listen to soft music. Read more books regarding the pregnancy insights. Pair up with your partner and have a conversation with the tiny tot within.

Workout  under the professional guidance: Keeping pelvic organs strong is really important for a normal delivery. The food that we consume is already half nutritional due to adulteration and pesticides, unlike the older generation where fruits and vegetables were raised in their yards. Practice Kegels and few other pelvic floor exercises to keep pelvic organs stronger.

how to enjoy Pregnancy and Postpartum

Be confident! Be Strong! That’s what a woman is made of. 40 weeks is not just the final destination but the beginning of a whole new life. Until now nobody was dependent on you but now the newborn is totally relying on you. In my initial days of postpartum, I used to forget that I have a newborn and ended up spending hours in the washroom until I was alarmed by my mother knocking at the door saying “The little one is waiting!”.

The firm catch across the fingers and the joy of nursing are mesmerizing. It’s a re-birth for every woman. Things are going to be pressurized for the one who is going to work after that long maternity leave. Most of them rethink about going to work after the delivery of the child. This shouldn’t cause hurdle to your professional career. The confidence level may decrease gradually.

After the Pregnancy and Postpartum, the dilemma as to “Should I continue to work or should I stay back with the kid”, builds in every mother, though it’s their personal choice. Achieving success in both personal and work life may seem difficult initially. It technically relies on our willpower and mindset. We, women, are a bunch of talent and can sustain amidst all the taboos of the society. Get out of those four walls of the kitchen. Life can be spiced up with a lot more than those chillies in the kitchen.

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10 proven plan to resume your work during Pregnancy and Postpartum

Start afresh: Being reluctant about how we look postpartum is common. On an average, it takes around 10 months postpartum to get back to normal physically. You may be wondering that it’s been weeks that I shed my womb, yet I remain same! Oh, wait….calm down because it was an intricate transition physically and mentally which will set right with time.

Boost up the confidence and energy in a shopping spree. Buy modern dresses- preferably nursing dresses widely available in the market in exclusively fashionable designs. Those jeans need to be locked up for a while, meanwhile, you shop for a new one.

Choose a responsible Nanny: For all those women who wish to work may need someone trustworthy to look after her tiny tot, especially in a nuclear family. Take the test of a nanny for a week. For security, you can always opt a technical way by installing cameras to help you have a track of the baby throughout, while you are away. For those babies who are breastfed exclusively, milk can be pumped and stored while the Nanny will feed the baby whenever necessary after you leave for work.

Working from home: The world has shrunk and all the things are easily approachable and handy. All thanks to the technology boost up. Working online from home is the trend of the new era. This method of working is most flexible and lets the mother stay with her baby while she can also work.

It’s much more beyond “I feel, it’s better I quit”: Quitting is what cowards do! “ It’s better I quit” will be your initial hasty decision. Home and work need to intermingle at the most pressurizing delta, at least at the initial stage of working postpartum. Frustration may be bubbled up ready to spill over but patience is a desideratum (a.k.a need). This time too shall pass– something to ponder upon.

A mom may be worried but she is full of hopes. She is impatient, yet patient. She is overwhelmed, but never quits!

An eternal bond: Feed your baby while you are away. Enjoy the joy of nursing. Milk can be pumped and stored while the nanny/daycare center will feed the baby whenever necessary after you leave for work. Exclusive breastfeeding may be difficult for a working mom, yet formula milk can always be included. Follow the diet that increases your lactation. Include milk products, oats, celery etc in your routine.

Let the workplace be nearby to the home/ daycare center: For the breastfed babies, it’s convenient if the workplace is close by to the daycare center/home. It becomes effortless for the moms to meet and nurse the baby even during the shortest recess.

Bring your tiny tot to your workplace before starting afresh: Gearing up is very much compelling after a long maternity leave. Taking the baby along will keep you relaxed until you get used to the realm of your workplace.

Look for part-time positions: Flexible timings can be set according to your partners working hours. This reduces the pressure to an extent. Though less pay, satisfaction is achieved by keeping the pressure at the bay.

“Motherhood is a choice you make every day to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure what the right thing is, … and to forgive yourself over and over again for doing everything wrong.”

Self-applauding and self-encouragement: Self-boasting and self-motivation is essential. Confidence is the main key to success. Don’t compare your life with others. Just as there is no comparison between the sun and the moon, they anyway shine when it’s their time. It’s time to shine lady.

Update yourself: Motherhood deals with multiple tasks in day to day life. Amidst the busy schedule, we tend to forget to articulate new skills. Upgrade professionally and scholastic achievements. There are many institutes which provides various courses nevertheless learning has no age bar. Do not worry about how to enjoy Pregnancy and Postpartum as well. We learn until we die and it is a process that goes on.

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.”

For ladies out there! Don’t be disheartened that your art skills and talents will be buried postpartum. Remember! Talent can be hidden but cannot be isolated from an individual. Your Baby will make days shorter, nights longer, love stronger, home happier, clothes shabbier and the past is forgotten. But the future is worth living for.

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