You are the creator of your own destiny is a famous quote known but at the same time, Destiny is not a matter of chance but instead a matter of choice. You get what you think and act. The role of young graduates, their education and character building is somewhere compromised due to worldly pressures. Education, as we all know, is the knowledge acquired over a period of course that one is enrolled into.

But the knowledge that we earn in school and colleges is merely not enough to be successful in life. A great education alone will not add value for one to be successful. Then what is most important to have among the youngsters especially to be successful in life?

It is a right character!

Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.

A right character means, to have the most appealing sense of presence wherever you go irrespective of what degree you possess. Components of the right character are being humble, honest, being generous and having gratitude towards the goodwill around you will add more to character building.

We all know the Hero Motor Group who are the leaders in the two-wheeler manufacturing industry. Dr Brij Mohan Lal the founder of this most respected and renowned group just had his basic education. Then what made him produce the best of vehicles of today?

It was only possible because of his passion to develop and make the people around him able enough to produce better and best. Every employee of the Hero group gets to hear the simplicity, ideology and the down to earth character the founder possessed in order to make the workplace more productive and enriching.

The crust of the matter is; when you have a good character in you, then you instil the good qualities in you. These qualities surely will add value for your overall development in so-called Life.

Success, they say is the state of mind. Everybody has their own definition of calling

Great and successful people that you might have heard about or read about have hardly completed their graduation. But they all have gifted this world with their innovations and discoveries that the generations of tomorrow will also enjoy and admire.

Then, why the youth of today even after graduating from top schools, colleges and universities hardly get any motivation or zest to perform and prove better?

The answer is lack of vision and they have failed to understand what is important other than education to possess.

As a teacher, I come across many students who are very intelligent and have a good IQ level but many lack the right character and character is something that is not taught to students in classes or universities. A character in-itself is an inbuilt nature that is either possessed or developed over the years.

Good character is not formed in a week or a month. It is created little by little

You might have come across real stories of some successful people losing everything within a matter of time. A person who was the CEO of some company has to leave the firm all of a sudden etc. When a person has finally succeeded in doing for what he was longing for should also know how to balance life and live with it.

Character has a big role in somebody’s life even after success. Often, many tend to forget
the path they had travelled to reach where they are today.

Dear youngsters, when you get the degree you also promise to come out with a person having good character. Because, in the school or colleges you might have known as a person with high grade or top marks but when you step out of the university after graduating, you will be remembered by the character you possessed and not based on the marks you scored. Alongside, the outside world will recognize you by your good will and not only by how successful you are.

I wish you a very successful career and a fruitful journey!

If you have any questions or clarifications or even looking for any guidance, feel free to comment below and we shall definitely response back at the earliest.

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