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Machines, Automation, Digital Innovations and many other aspects have become bothersome issues for mediocre mid level employees (Having 5-15 years of experience) in the present IT industry. Accept or not, there are lot of uncertainties in their professional lives.

As the quotes speak “If we fail to adapt, we will fail to move forward”; It’s quite obvious that, there will always be some sort of adaption in the workplace along with technology growth to survive in the market. Often, it’s either by hiring freshers or training 2-4 years experienced employees with latest technology and not with more experienced employees due to their old-growing mindset as well as their inability of learning or grasping the latest technology quickly.

Earlier, number of resources handled by an individual was the major deciding factor to rate an individual. However, now along with resource handling, your skill set, qualitative deliverable along with competency to remain in the market adds weight-age to your survival. With growing demands, the need to expertise and adapt advanced technology is a must; if you are aware of the latest technology then consider yourself safe.

Needless to say, the contractors, freelancers and part-time employees are entertained more, for this very reason. As a mid level employee, one has to face lot of challenges in-spite of being technically strong. In simple words, “When churning is done, only the butter receives the highest priority when compared to the rest!”.

The mid level employees are presently facing too many challenges, few of which are listed here:

  • Race against gathering knowledge and experience in advanced technologies.
  • Irrespective of your previous achievements, you will be judged and rated based on your capabilities for future requirements.
  • Pressure of handling teams effectively without any black spots in their career.
  • Pushed by the senior management of the company to perform better and extract more work from their subordinates.
  • Don’t take additional responsibilities of leading others unless your personal growth is stabilized. May be, you are not good managing a team.
  • Company’s blind beliefs: Many a times the organization fails in recognizing the right quality in an employee and blindly promotes less suitable as a lead or manager.
  • Mid level employees draw ‘FATTER SALARY’, compared to others and hence any bad remarks will surely be a costly affair.
  • Less job opportunity outside. if you ain’t competent as the work you do can be done by less experienced resource as well.
  • Chances of being the DOUBLE TROUBLE to the team, when not in good books of their team members.


Measures to be taken by the organisations in order to sustain the mid level employees and utilize them to their best:

  • Organize developmental / Skill improvement  programs for the mid level employees, at least on monthly basis technology.
  • Avoid buttering the higher authorities and promoting not so eligible candidates.
  • Have a good consulting team with experienced man power who is always available for any kind of issues faced which are otherwise unavoidable.
  • Regular Communication with the Team will keep everyone helpful in upgrading necessary skills.
  • Conduct Activities / Conferences / Talks / Demonstrations to show case additional skills apart from day to day work.
  • Sessions on leadership qualities, managing teams, technical intervention and not just managerial skills will produce better quality leads and managers.
  • Managing and being a helping hand in raising many more leaders from the team.
  • Building strategies and proper planning in dealing with the project goals.
  • One should be a good motivator. There is a huge difference between DOING THINGS and GETTING THINGS DONE. Understand the same and work accordingly.

Managing is a kind of MIND GAME! Don’t just be a white elephant. Be a smart player.

Few quick tips for the so called mid level employees teams / individuals:

  • Never refuse to get back to the basics, as in, be ready to get back to your basics and never feel it an insult. You might be a manager managing the team but if there are requirements when you have to begin coding, just go for it. Hence timely up-gradation of the technical skills is always a must.
  • Never be an egoist. If you feel your career is at risk, say to yourself, “Aal izz Well…!”Don’t get disheartened. Remain positive.
  • Never be at risk by criticizing superiors or organisation; whether or not your performance is questioned.
  • Family support plays very important role. Don’t hesitate to share your problems with loved ones.
  • It’s a flattery world out there. If nothing works, try out something on your own if you have it. Start-up yourself if you are capable of.
  • Don’t put all the eggs in the same bucket; Start investing on alternative ways of income.

Climbing up the ladder is a dream / achievement for employees at every level. But, It should never end or should never be a task, rather it should be a journey.

Happy managing!

Mid level employees up-bringing  to bridge the gap with the fast growing IT trends is not easy.. If you have an experience about the same or you have a plan to swim these dangerous tides, do pen down few pointers in the comments below or share across the article to the needy as the saying goes, “Sharing is caring”.

P.S.: Our next article be on the the topic, what skill set employees must possess to survive in the current market trends will be launched soon. Stay tuned.

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