eLitmus is also known as eLitmus pH is a 2 hour online exam conducted by eLitmus private Ltd. Yes, it is off-campus recruitment, launched in 2005. eLitmus is helpful for freshers and entry-level job seekers based on the varieties of parameters. Recruitment is made easier and the best candidates are filtered. It has three sections:

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Verbal English
  3. Logical & Analytical Reasoning

What eLitmus does?

  • Every week, it conducts a pH test, at national level across India.
  • It evaluates the job seekers on various parameters.
  • It uses an advanced, statistical model to grade each candidate

Is eLitmus for freshers?

  • Truly speaking, there are no eligibility criteria for this exam, but, presently, candidates during or after their degree in B.E/B.Tech, MCA, ME/ M.Tech , M.Sc(CS/IT) are benefited by this exam.
  • We can say this is mainly for the freshers.
  • Is this paid? Yes, it is a paid activity to register and take the test.
  • Is it trustworthy? Yes, a lot of freshers take part in this and land up in receiving good interview calls with good package.

What’s the benefit of taking the eLitmus for freshers?

  • We have been often hit by the recession and the ups and downs in the market.
  • This, in turn, affects the Campus Interviews and many skilful minds are left unseen.
  • Hence Off-campus is all that the freshers are left with, which isn’t that easy.
  • So candidates from various colleges, which hardly have any campus recruitment are equally benefitted by this exam

How to crack the eLitmus test?

  • Preferably the best way to crack the exam is by solving previous year papers and mock papers.
  • But there is a knack of solving these too. For there is negative marking. (Discussed further) in this exam.

The more consistent your efforts are, the sooner you will reach your destination

Here are a few tips which when followed, will make it easier for you to crack the elitmus pH test.

Firstly know the structure of the paper:

  • This pen & paper test has 3 sections. Each section consists of 20 Multiple choice questions of 10 marks each. So, the total marks are 600, considering the 3 sections.
  • There might be “Fill in the blank” type of questions too.
  • Though there isn’t a dedicated and well-defined syllabus for the exam, its often advised following the MBA entrance exam materials for the preparation.
  • Good news to many is that there aren’t any programming related questions asked in the exam.

Sections of the eLitmus paper for freshers:

Verbal Ability:

Easiest section of three:

  • 6 Questions of “Fill in the Blanks” type.
  • 2 Questions of “Para jumbled” type.
  • 12 Questions of “Comprehensive” type : (It has 3 paragraphs with 4 Questions each)


  • Pick the shortest 2 paragraphs and solve them. The third big para kills a lot of time. Hence, attempt only the shortest 2 paragraphs.
  • Read a lot and build your grammar strong to make this section even more easier.
  • 9-11 correct answers in this section will contribute to you scoring 90 percentile in all.

Problem Solving:

The toughest section among the three:

  •  3 Questions of “Crypto Arithmetic” problems.
  •  4 Questions of “Data Sufficiency “ problems.
  •  4 Questions of “Data Interpretation “ problems.
  •  9 Questions of “Logical Reasoning Puzzles “ problems.


  • Avoid the Crypto arithmetic related questions as they are time taking problems. Answer them only if you are mastered in such questions.
  • 6-8 correct answers in this section will contribute to, you scoring 90 percentile in all.
  • Spending 20-30 mins to solve other three types of questions will fetch you straight 5 answers correct.

Quantitative Aptitude:

  • 1 Question on “AP GP series”.
  • 0-1 Question on “Averages”.
  • 4-5 Questions on “Geometry”.
  • 1 Question on “Logarithms”.
  • 4-5 Questions on ” Number Systems “.
  • ” Percentages”.
  • 2-3 Question on ” Permutations and Combinations”.
  • 2-3 Question on ” Probability”.
  • 1 Question on ” Profit and Loss “.
  • 1-2 Question on ” Quadratic Equations”.
  • 0-1 Question on ” Ratio, Propotion and Variations”.
  • 2 Questions on ” Time and work”.
  • 2 Questions on ” Time, Speed and Distance”.


  • Build a strategy to solve the above based on your confidence on each type.
  • Concentrate on easier topics like logarithms, geometry, number system (HCM LCM, remainder theorem will be usually asked.
  • P&C and probability are tough topics, so take this up only if you are confident.
  • 6-8 correct answers in this section will contribute to you scoring 90 percentile in all.

How to prepare for eLitmus?

Now that you are aware of the complexity of the questions, it’s understood that without your basics being strong on reasoning and aptitude, you can’t dream of preparing in a weeks time before the exam dates.


  • *Know the proper syllabus.
  • *Have strong basics
  • *Solve previous years question papers.
  • *Follow sites like MyGeekMonkey and Jumpwhere Aptitude
  • *Join the official Facebook Group E-litmus Preparation. This will surely be of your help.

How are negative marks considered in the elitmus for freshers?

  • *Negative markings are section wise.
  • Negative marking starts if you give more than 1/4th of the total questions wrong.
  • *Half a mark will be deducted for the rest of every wrong answer if you give more than 25% wrong answers of the total questions.
  • In essence, consider you have attempted 12 questions off which 25% are wrong (3 questions). So here, no negative marking is done.
  • But if 8 are right and 4 wrong then the fourth one has the negative marking and not the other three.

Is it worthy to take up elitmus for freshers?

  • Ask yourself if all you want is to just be another engineer in IT. If having an IT job is the only dream you have, be it where ever you find one, then you aren’t dreaming big!
  • Elitmus is not an easy one to crack, so the companies hiring you through this are really the dream companies!
  • Be sure you can go for it and if you capable of clearing it. Yes, it is like one step clearance in getting hired if you have cleared the elitmus exam. Your resume will for sure have more weightage.

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Which companies actually accept Elitmus test results?

Here are some of the companies which consider the elitmus score while hiring. These usually hire every year.

  • Intel
  • CGI
  • Macfee
  • Motorolla
  • Tally
  • Metricstream
  • Attra Infotech
  • Accenture
  • Yodlee Infotech

Some more companies who hire on need basis are as below:

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Is it tough to crack elitmus for freshers?

Well, the level of complex questions is comparable with that of the CAT exam. The problem solving section being the toughest. Based on the model papers on testpot & elitmuszone, we can rate the level of difficulty of elitmus as 6 or 7 out of 10 while CAT has 10 (very complex)

All the best.

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