Let’s be honest, most of the people lack job-satisfaction. At some time or the other, we are either bored of the current job or lose interest or even get frustrated with it. It is very tough to get motivated at work especially if it’s boring or frustrating. One reason being, people realize they have an ability to afford better job than the current one.

Even though one is unhappy about their current job, they still continue with the same job. Of course, everyone has their own reasons for this. Few being:

  • No clear goals
  • What after quitting the existing job?
  • Lack of self-confidence/Motivation
  • Fear of not getting opportunities

Another big mistake especially what freshers commit is accepting whatever opportunity comes to them when they are desperately looking for a job (even if it does not belong to their area/field). This is not the actual problem, the problem arises after few months.

Once you get a job and start earning, the thirst and activeness for seeking better opportunities slowly die. This is the main reason why people end up with a job in which they are actually not interested.

People may find it difficult to quit the job suddenly because of their own reasons, however, it is their individual choice to decide if they want to continue to stay unsatisfied or find better ways to make their present job interesting one or change the job itself.

The first thing that comes to mind while talking about job satisfaction is self-motivation. Motivation is the action where a person gets inspired or energized by something which helps them to achieve success. It’s a desire or willingness to do something by creating enthusiasm in employees. Lack of motivation may lead to lack of self-improvement and those who fail to inspire themselves are likely the people who do not have any desired destination in life.

8 simple ways to get motivated at work:

  • My Life in 3 Years – Ask yourself, Are my goals clear? What are my goals for the next 3 years?

The goal is very important for each individual, it’s a pillar of success. A life without a goal is meaningless. So, set some goal and work hard to complete the desired objective by effort, skill and courage. It’s waste of having a desire when you are not trying to achieve it.


If you really don’t have any goal, take some time, make a to-do list and write down something you need to acquire within a specific period of time. Read that to-do list every day. For example, you have the desire to take your current project to a new level. Work hard to do so.

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  • Ahhhh! I am so damn irritated by this Job – Find the core valid reasons for your irritation

There should be a valid reason or cause for your lack of interest. When you know what exactly the problem is, it’s easier to find the answer. Maybe your work environment is not friendly, frustrated about the boss, leave problem, negative people and so on.


Create a positive environment, be a good employee so that your boss will appreciate your work and praise you, which in turn will increase your motivation level. This will result in improving yourself and help you implement better plans. Interact more with your colleagues so that you get to know about everyone around you. The more you interact, the more you learn. Think positively and have a positive attitude as a right attitude is important even if you have the right skills. Here is a simple strategy to build the right attitude.

Example: A guy has joined an engineering college, the very first day he received a lot of negative vibes, ragging, language problem, and he was not a friendly guy to get close with his classmates.

He took all this in a challenging way, he thought of learning one language per year, started to get close to seniors, juniors, classmates, lecturers. By the time he completed his engineering he was the president of the college, he learned 4 different languages, President of the anti-ragging squad, university rank holder. This is what we say ‘positive attitude’, taking things sportively.

Interview tips for freshers




  • “There is nothing left to improve skills, then how can one get motivated at work” is what usually people complain – Learning Never Ends!

Learning is like a vast ocean, whatever we learnt may not even be 15% of what we can learn in our lifetime. There is no end to learning. New technologies are entering the market as well as competition level is increasing, you need to update your skills to compete in this evolving world.

List new skills you want to acquire and set a time period to accomplish the same. Once you start learning new skills your learning speed increases, you will be an interesting person, you will not get bored, your mind will be busy, and you won’t have time for unnecessary things. Most importantly, either learn what you love or love what you are learning.


  • Leadership skills and active involvement – When are you going to take some initiative?

An active personality attracts other people. This will help in establishing a bond of trust. A leader is one who knows how to handle a group of people, how to handle the situation, how to have an active and lively work environment and of course get the best productivity from the team.

Take initiation in executing additional tasks apart from your role or if you want to learn something new. Active involvement is about how lively and enthusiastic you are. Participate or engage yourself in a particular sphere or activity in a spontaneous way.


  • Self-respect, Confidence, Smile – CUP of motivation

What you think about yourself is much more important than what others think about you. When you like yourself and start respecting your decision you will not look forward to people’s validation or their attention. Don’t compare your performance level with others either.

Confidence plays a massive role in getting motivated. Be positive and love what you are doing. The way you dress, the way you walk, the tone of talking, the way you sit, the way you greet people shows how confident you are. The way you carry yourself plays an important role so focus on your body language and appearance. When you are confident you will feel comfortable with new challenges and also, you will be focused on your decisions.

A smile is a beautiful language to spread positivity. Each morning when you go to office take some time to wish the people “Good Morning” with a smile on your face.


  • Acquire New skills – Not toofaani but let’s try something new

Acquiring new skill is a way to express your creative mind. It could be learning a new programming language, writing a book, painting, writing, reading, pencil sketch, craft work, golf etc. help you to keep in touch with inner ability and creativity. When your mind is busy with the field you are interested in apart from the office work, then there is no space for negative thoughts.

As you get involved more with your new skill set, you will be more confident and eventually come across new opportunities. It’s something interesting or enjoyable that provides a short respite from a tedious situation but to pursue any new skill as a career takes a lot of time and efforts for which one needs to be disciplined. It is difficult to get motivated every day but we can definitely be disciplined to follow or pursue anything we love.


  • Meet new people – Are you communicating with people?

Communication is what makes a team strong. Nowadays people are busy with the social networking platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. Talking more to machines and less to humans besides you is a clear indication of real communication issues.

When you don’t talk to people, you will feel lonely and depressed, and you don’t wish to learn or know about anything new. This will lead to lack of motivation and you eventually start losing interest in everything you have been doing. You will be having a small circle of friends, it’s obvious to feel safe with that group of people. But, when you stick to a comfort zone, you don’t grow. So try to be more active by talking with new people, participating in social events.


  • Competition – Are you ready to compete?

Competition is yet another powerful aspect to get motivated. When you set a target, you will be eager to reach them. When you have a competitive mind, you will put your best which will create possession of a strong desire to be more successful compared to others. This will also show, how you get involved in something and finally helps you in your overall career development.


  • Distractions are also mothers of many screw ups

Distractions are your weakness. Kick your distractions off.  Distractions will always prevent you from concentrating on your work. So, the best way to avoid distraction is by not responding.

As they say, time will heal everything. Similarly, things will get solved by themselves. Your approach to distractions shows your level of focus as well as strong will. ‘Starve your distractions, feed your focus’.

Equally, take good care of your health. When your body is healthy, your mind will be active and focused. Don’t regret about the things in the past, let it go. Determine which exact factor can motivate and demotivate you to achieve success based on your past experiences.

Hold onto whatever keeps you warm inside. When you change the way you think about your job responsibilities, you will change the way you approach them and you will find yourself happier and motivated at work.

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