change your field if no job satisfaction

“Do what you want” we all have heard it when we graduated from school. But we were told that we have three options Arts, Commerce, Science and they were ranked respectively. Yes, choosing a career is one of the difficult tasks.

We choose our field as per our friends or seniors suggestion or as per the ongoing market trend that will offer you a great job in future. Many of us don’t think much but just pick a field as per the society we live in.

Majority of science background students opt for engineering as being an engineer gives you status in so-called society. When it comes to money-making yes, it’s a great field. But are you even interested in it? Check out some interesting IT job openings.

After completing engineering, you start your career as an engineer. But do you really think if you want to do that your entire life? What I want to say is, there is a lot of amazing career beyond mainstream such as medical or engineering. In the course of your engineering or any career for that matters, you must have found what you are really passionate about, that can also help you to earn, maybe not as much as this field but sometimes it’s all about satisfaction, mental peace and happiness.

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Yes, money does matter so does your interests. Your interest will keep you involved in work, and work will pay you. So, it’s okay to change your field.

I will share my experience here as even I have changed my field from an accountant to a content writer. Yes, it’s not easy to leave a field that pays you well. But in the end, job satisfaction is what matters the most.

My experience in the field of accounts unleashed much learning. Few being:

  1. Every step has a logic
  2. There are fare shortcuts to manage things
  3. There is a reason behind every step
  4. How to promote my write-ups
  5. Avoid mistakes even if it is not numbers
  6. Professional etiquette
  7. Become more responsible and complete task with cool minds in spite of pressurized deadlines
  8. Be creative no matter what job I take-up

Being a commerce student I have a basic understanding of business. If you are good at something it has a value pursue it wholeheartedly.

Every demand has a supply, its all about how you value it

Few might think a change of career means a waste of the experience gained. That’s so not true. My first career didn’t go vain. Every bit of experience I gained as an accountant, I try to use in my writing field. Every field has something to teach, you just need to apply those teachings in the field you are interested in.

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Think about it, change your field if you have found what you are good at. Till then be an engineer (meaning: skilfully arrange for (something) to occur.), grasp their teachings and explore your interests as even being an accountant was also not that bad. I have learnt a lot so will you.

Happy Exploring!

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