Home maker, house wife, finished studies and sitting at home, completed Masters, looking for marriage proposals, learning to cook etc are the common replies we get when asked about our daughters/sisters even today. With great difficulty females are allowed to take up some decent job after their studies. But, nerdy girls i.e. nerdy and girls are like two facets of the coin for many. Well, no doubt, Women are capable of doing everything men do, but it’s often seen that they are never considered to be fit in the corporate world or techie world.

A woman is always admired for beauty. However woman with brains are admired more. Yes, though being girlish, she can always try to be technically sound and even surpass most men. With the known fact that companies need to maintain gender ratio, females get an opportunity to show their capacities in the corporate jobs a.k.a be a nerdy girl as well.

“Women are already smart and intelligent. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that intelligence”

Another fact which is stuck in everyone’s mind like an insect in the spider’s web is that women always find excuses such as mood swings, family responsibilities, work-life balance problems and are sympathy seekers. Needless to say, Relations are very delicate to be handled and women do it with ease. When she can accept different challenges in family, she can really be good at job too. She can be an awesome problem solver and can think in different angles on a problem and solve it, many a times better than men.

Probably, it will be proven with blind job auditions only.

Blind Job Audition? Am sure many wouldn’t have heard about it. A blind audition is done by removing the candidate’s identification information and thus leaving the employer select a resume purely on the basis of the technology qualifications and knowledge the candidate owns. Blind auditions in any field, be it technology, music, art and so on, have always increased the female hiring to a drastic number. This is not a new method. Blind auditions have been in practice in various countries since 70’s.


-Sheryl Sandberg

We all use browsers and of course Google chrome is what majority of the people use. Let me ask you a question. Do you feel safe browsing on chrome? I do and indeed, the billions of crowd out there does. All thanks to a female named Parisa Tabriz and her team.

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Who is Parisa Tabriz? She is the master mind who controls the chrome security leading a team of hackers. She is the Google’s head of product security for the company’s Chrome browser. They are not like the ugly hackers we have pictured in our minds. In fact,  they help us from getting into traps of black hats/unethical hackers and make us feel secured. Parisa leads a team of 30, with most of male developers.

parisa tabriz woman geek
Parisa Tabiz – Google Chrome – Head of product security

Her job is to make sure all our accounts are safe and that nothing is stolen. Tabriz is called the SECURITY PRINCESS and is the security weapon of Google. Her only goal is to protect all the users from the black hats and the techniques used to harm the users.

Her experiences:

  • As a Browser Boss at Google: Responsible for the Chrome browser we ship on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.
  • Developed a web vulnerability detection system for Google’s products via log detection and replay.
  • Served as a Consultant at United States Digital Service.
  • Researched methods to passively fingerprint wireless devices.

Like Parisa Tabriz, there are many other nerdy girls. To name a few:

  1. Rashmi Sinha: CEO and Co-founder of Slideshare
  2. Padmasree Warrior: Chief Technology and Strategy Officer of Cisco systems.
  3. Vanitha Narayanan: Managing Director, IBM India.
  4. Kumud Sreenivasan: President , Intel India.
  5. Neelam Dhawan: MD, Hewlette Packard
  6. Aruna Jayanthi: CEO of Capgemeni India
  7. Virginia Sharma: VP of Marketing, Communications & Corporate Citizenshipfor IBM India.
  8. Kirthiga Reddy: Head and Director Online Operations, Facebook India.
  9. Raji Arasu: Stubhubs’s Chief Technology Officer.
  10. Gayathri Baragohain: India’s ACM-W ambassador and a member of the ACM India Council.

The list can go on and on but I guess I made the point clear enough. NERDY GIRLS DO EXIST!

Simple tip to reach the nerdy girls gang:

Start now. If you are a working individual, surround yourself with motivated people. Make a group and learn new things. Make smart goals. Have a mentor. Learn new skill every 3 months along with your regular work.

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If you are a student, then explore your potential, involve in creative and logical activities. Think out of the box and come up with crazy ideas. Understand how the eco-system works. Have one of successful people as your role model and try to learn from them.

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If you are a parent, make your kids passionately take interest in multiple activities from childhood itself. While there are parents who are keen in joining their kids for computer class music, dance, art ,sports and other classes etc but just as a hobby and not out of passion and zeal.

Everyone must be aware of the bigger picture, the longer vision. Once they taste it, as in experience it, they will surely want to know more and more about the same.

We need to encourage more women to get out of the four walls and embrace new challenges. We need to dream about living in a world where girls like above mentioned names are our future technologists.

If this happens, we will soon live in the world where girls create technology to manage a home as well as many other daily tasks where woman need not be present.

Let’s start making brand new stories.

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