reasons why women should work

We step out of the college after completion of our graduation. Few prefer to do higher studies and few opt to work. However not all get the freedom to choose their career for some or other reason. Women should work or not is a very good topic for debate competition but practically, ‘women should work’ is still a myth in a lot of countries. A lot of questions raised by people around us especially if you are a woman; the most common question which all of us would have faced are:

  • What next?
  • Do you have a job?
  • Oh so, Are u getting married?? “With the eyes popped out”
    No! Hmm…
  • Why should women work anyways?
  • What much can you girls do? Sit at home, Learn some cooking skills now itself which would help you in the future.

No doubt, it’s completely fine for a girl to be at home and develop any hobby and execute it in a right way. For all those girls who are married, the so-called concerned people have the different set of million dollar pokes such as,

  • “Ahh! Won’t it be hectic for you all to manage work and family”?
  • Do you really need to work when your husband is earning?
  • Why don’t you QUIT and start taking care of the house?

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Yes, it’s completely okay to be a homemaker, if you really wish to be one. But, let me warn you, being at home and doing household chores is not an easy job compared to the office job. But for those girls who want to step out and build their own empires, must not settle down no matter what. Do you really want to listen to others and crush your dreams?

Nooo! It’s a big NO. You have your own lives and dreams and you got to achieve it. So, live for yourself and break all those barriers. Step out with confidence and prove that you are not less than anyone and cheers to all of those, who have already started the journey.

Here is an amazing study done by on How India defines a role of a woman.

The Role of Women in India

The role of Indian women is to be good mothers and wives: Survey

Posted by Scroll on Thursday, June 1, 2017

10 promising reasons to convince or prove the people around you, why women should work

  1. Freedom: The very first thought that comes to anyone’s mind is to become independent. It might be a girl or a boy, who want’s to be dependent. Once you are out and working, started earning; Be independent, you learn a lot of things and with experience, you mentally get wiser from sweet 16.
  2. Change of mind: You go out, work, talk to different people, make new friends, you will have a change of mind. You get to know people, you learn from others etc. Altogether, it helps you to become a better version of yourself.
  3. Passion: Do what you like. Don’t choose your career based on other’s choices. Do you love coding, gaming, or XYZ? Go for it, do something that you are passionate about and at the same time even help in the growth of the organization wherever you are.
  4. Expenses from your own pocket: You can buy your own diamond ring. You need not always wait for the charming prince come to you on a white horse and fulfill all our dreams. Trust me, it gives immense joy to even buy your favorite lipstick shade with your own hard earned money.
  5. Supporting pillar to our family: A lot of families depend on their children for financial aids and of course, all parents wish the best for their children. At times we daughters, remain more faithful than sons. We can’t always expect our parents to take care of us. If you start earning, then you can proudly say, ‘Now it’s a time for us to do something in return and take care of their responsibilities’. Buying mamma’s favorite saree dad’s favorite shoes and of course, Your brother’s favorite ps4. Wow! Isn’t this utmost happiness?
  6. A role model for our kids: Our kids tend to follow us in every possible way and our kids would definitely see us as a strong independent woman who manages both home and office if we are/were working woman.

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  7. Individual identity: We have our own identity which is very important for each one of us. Once you have set up your career, people would stop saying you are so and so’s daughter, wife, sister, friend etc. In fact, you have your own identity and people recognize you for that.
  8. Social connection: Once you start working, you are exposed to many things including people and hence your friends and colleagues circle keep growing which is always good on a long journey of your life. With this connection, you not only get to hear about other’s experiences and problems, you will also be able to help each other in need unlike the case when you sit at home. When you are at home, you won’t even realize how much you are missing out.
  9. Better old age: You never know how will your tomorrow be. If you are competent in today’s time, earn and save for your future needs, you will definitely be in a better position when you get old. You get to hear a lot of sad stories about kids not taking care of their old parents and sending them to old homage etc. God forbid our kids to turn out like that; however, if you earn today, you can ensure better old-age life. Hence, for better old age life women should work.
  10. Self-satisfaction: Lastly, remember how you were satisfied when you cooked a perfect dish for the first time. The relaxed feeling when your parents said that, they were proud of you. With every struggle you encounter, you only emerge out stronger at the end. No matter how much ever ups and down’s you face in your life, at the end you will be satisfied.

Don’t repent by holding your dreams and don’t cut your feathers after years of struggles you went through already! Women should work and this barrier can only be broken by winning your parent’s trust and convincing them properly. Next time someone asks for a favor or so called little help in the name of huge amount of work reply what the image says 😉

Let your parents know that you are no less than a son (if they think so). Tell your news anchor relatives, their words and gossips aren’t going to stop you. Let the annoying neighbors know that, their bad mouth is not going to stop you from taking care of self and if required; you will take care of the family as well. I definitely think women should work. What about you? Share your views in comments below.

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  1. Hey Omi,
    First of all I would like to congratulate you for the most sensible,amazing and a well written article. A very good initiative. And wishing you all the luck for your upcoming endeavours. 😊
    I truly agree with you and the fact that, ‘Woman should work’ and I think 50% of the ladies have already stepped forward for it. But sadly there is that 50% in rural areas of our country who still get belted by their families and husbands for even thinking of going out and working which is really a great wall towards the development of their own families and hence the nation too. That would make a lot of difference and a great contribution for the development of nation and economy if both husband and wife start working.
    And if its an issue that who is going to manage household activities, I must tell you – Dear men, ladies are not your slaves, please learn to manage and balance your life by helping the lady in her household work so that she too can go out for work.
    So ladies, start enjoying your lives and stay strong and confident.

  2. Thanks for sharing the marvelous info. It is an excellent article which helps me a lot. I expect we will get this type of informative article more and more.


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