New year resolutions

Its that time of the year where we get obsessed with the word New year resolutions and now after a month’s time not sure how many are still with the same zeal towards their resolutions.

Great things never came from comfort zones! Every year, it’s the same old story for many; Make awesome New year resolutions, Start with great enthusiasm and work towards the same for a fortnight or a month and then one or two months down the line, forget it completely as if you never made any resolution.

‘I still remember my friend telling me that he wanted to QUIT SMOKING during December 2017 and i was really happy to hear that but it did not last for more than a month and he still smokes as of January 2022’. When are you not at all serious why boast with one?

What do we choose; ‘A Strategic Plan’ or ‘ A Dream’ ?

The latter one would inspire you more to stick with your resolutions if defined well. Resolutions should be feasible. Know yourself, your capacity, know where you are heading towards and then plan accordingly. It’s advisable to make smaller resolutions and achieve them first than working on Bigger New year resolutions directly. Learn from your mistakes and never repeat them. Firstly, change your mindset, without that you can’t reach your goals. Like someone said,


As per the recent research, the following points have been made:

  • Top 10 New year resolutions by the survey – Statisticsbrain
  • Almost 45% of the Americans make Resolutions out of which only 8 % succeed reaching them as per Forbes.

When you start working towards achieving your New year resolutions, never hurry, as you would be doing something different than usual YOU. Hence, there might be chances of friction, leading you to gradually stop working on your resolution. Remember the tortoise in your nursery school, ‘Slow and steady wins the race’; Be that tortoise.

10 Tips to achieve your NEW year resolutions!

  • First be calm and visualize your resolution, it’s pre-requisites and plans up accordingly. Also, think about the after effects, the pros and cons. This is very much essential before beginning to work on the resolution. The pros will boost your mind and help you gain confidence. In short, make a solid plan.
  • Focus and Feel the changes or the after effects. Meaning to say, once you figure out how it would feel or what changes would you indulge in your routine life after achieving the goal / resolution.
  • Invite opportunities:where you can start working on your resolution. Build that platform where you can work on your goals. Step beyond your comfort zone.
  • Make notes where you can note down all that you have been doing to achieve your resolution which will help you to remain focused and stay connected with the goal.
  • Try different approach. To achieve something what you have never achieved, you need to do something what you never did.jumpwhere-new-year-resolution

Read our article SMART Goals on setting smart goals.

  • Start with small and smart goals not big.
  • Action speaks louder than words. All is nonsense unless you really start working on it. So, Stop speaking and start doing.
  • Scared / Risky / Lazy / Moody? Why did you even think of this resolution then? Get over it ELSE you would be stuck in the same place on December 31st 2018.
  • Started and failed on the way? Never mind. You are better than what you were previous year. Try and try till you succeed and NEVER GIVE UP!
  • Most importantly, BE DISCIPLINED and TRUTHFUL to yourself. If you can make this small change you will be on track to achieve any goals / dreams / resolutions.

The above steps would definitely help you in getting yourself on the right direction. At this point you would feel burdened with the TO-DO list or mandatory tasks or you might be even in a verge of discontinuing your new year resolutions. DON’T GIVE UP!!


Stay away from those which would distract you or drive you away from your resolutions. Don’t get drifted. Be firm with your goals. If you aren’t aware of what you have been doing, it is as good as a cat drinking the milk blindly. TRUST YOURSELF and YOUR CAPABILITIES and achieve all those resolutions that you have been planning from several years.

All the best folks!



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