My first job: Confident yet Nervous
My first job: Confident yet Nervous

Everybody feel anxious and excited at the very thought of their first job. A feeling of pride and achievement gleams on the faces with hope and determination to succeed in the eyes. Along with all the above attributes are those one does not definitely want to feel nervousness and a sense of losing it at any point.

A few are gifted with the intellectual skills to manage work and stress together, but a lot of people fall under the pressure, and that is where the tactic to manage and ease the pressure lies.

The do’s and don’ts of job:

The main moto should be to gain knowledge. Your seniors are your mentors but not your helpers. They will guide you but will not do your work for you. Learn from them as much as you can. Try on learning new concepts everyday. Even though you are out of college studying does not stop there. Building new skill set becomes a mandatory.

Everybody must have heard techies or tech guys using words such as deadline, ETA, release etc. This is now part of your dictionary as well.You should know what they mean and stick to them at all times. Give utmost importance to them since they will help you at the time of evaluation for the end of your probation period or for your promotion!

In college, with friends, hangout and masti used to be the mantra.But, in the corporate world, all eyes fall on you, and you are expected to behave in a certain way. Your mantras will be based on your attitude, performance, etc.

Be friendly yet professional. Remember you are an acquaintance.

Behaviour is gauged by several aspects, along with the gratitude that you show towards your fellow mates and other staff. Remember the things that were once thought to you on etiquette, team work, body language, out of box thinking, logical, smart, innovative, productive and most importantly your attitude towards others; Now, It’s time to imbibe them.

Your first job is all about learning!!
In short, improve on your skills, may they be technical, managerial, communication or any other.

As a professor always says,

“Your first job is nothing but a licence to start working.”

Learn till you master it and be an expert.

All the very best.

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