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‘What next’ is the common question many graduates will have after studies. Big dreams but no actions is another feeling common in a majority of freshers. At this point, you usually ask suggestions from parents, seniors, or friends. People with some knowledge of it will share their experiences whereas others will keep haunting or taunting you. One must take suggestions from everyone but do only what we really love to because it’s your dream that’s going to be converted into action. You might be interested to do something but your mind will be filled with a lot of questions.

Indeed, it’s okay to have questions rather than having a confused state of mind. Now, you’ll start learning it with the help of some guidance. But at a certain point, you have to do it by yourself.

Decades ago, even Thomas Alva Edison wasn’t having any idea of the creation of bulb but still, he tried until he succeed and finally he became successful also. Firstly, don’t be amazed. May it be working on your idea, joining the family business or trying for various job openings. You can do it. But again the thing that strikes is how to do it?.

4 step recipe to put your next big dream into action after college graduation

1. Read the question. Understand it:

Do you know any solution for it! if yes it’s well n good. What if the answer is no. I’m damn sure you might be knowing something whether it related to it or not that’s the secondary. Now you jumped a step nearer to the solution. You might fall but you’ll bounce back. Ask people but don’t take it as final. Understand their approach but create your own tale.

Dare to dream, put a blueprint to execute it. Work on it.

2. Rehearse it:

Practice like as if your only chance. A lot of fresh graduates look for job openings but rarely prepare for it. Take a break. Sit and prepare thoroughly and once you think you are ready, then give a shot. Time will bring you your reward, but keep on trying. Evaluate yourself. Compare with none but with yourself. Set a target. Keep in mind, nothing is right nothing is wrong it’s just how you perform on your own stage of life. Follow smart goals approach to accomplish your goals.

3. Renovate it: 

Sure You’ll Jump somewhere but keep in mind you are one step closer to the solution. Keep on making an improvised version of yourself until you’re satisfied. Renovate yourself in a unique position; don’t be the same. Frame your own path, plant your unique idea, drive into a car of smart work to reach the dreamed destination.

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4. OUT OF SYLLABUS: What if you don’t know what to do:

Take a jump somewhere but not in the same place. If something resists then keep on jumping until you desist. Some or other way you’ve to do it because it’s your way. In the end, do something that will be a reason to wake you up every morning. You might get boredom at the initial stage but have patience and put efforts. Create different ways to address it. My personal experience, says

In the end, success is not reaching the apex it’s just the first step taken towards it.

Until you’re in the stage where fear is overtaking you, just keep in mind you are letting someone else take your decision. If you wish to transform your dream into action, there must be a dream, a plan of action and a burning desire in you to persevere it until you reach your dream.

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