Lock Down Blues 7 Things We Can Learn From the Introverts

Psychology defines introverts as someone who tends to be more focused on internal thoughts and feelings. Individuals with this personality style are characterized by a preference for solitary experiences and it’s not because they dislike others. They derive more pleasure and are energized by their own inner life social events. Yet a misunderstood bunch; introverts have received a bad rap for being overly analytical, critical thinkers and to some extent lack of empathy for others. But these presumptions are incorrect and there is lot everyone learn from the introverts.

With prevailing lock down situation, social distancing has become the norm and made us all stay within the confines of our home, for our safety of course. So with the lock down being touted as “an introvert’s paradise”, what possibly could be the take away for a situation like this?

Interestingly, did you know that the introverts hold many potential advantages and character traits that one can imbibe to be a more responsive and effective employee?



That’s right and here’s some pointers that you can capitalize and make your office a happier and productive place when all this ends and we are back on track.

7 Things We Can Learn From the Introverts:

Deep Thinking: Several critical situations that arise in a workplace demand thinking on all levels. With this ability, you are often able to solve any problem on an advanced level due to the potential of considering multiple solutions. This shall benefit in tempering some of the impulsive traits that are usually seen in extroverts.

Great Problem Solvers: This is a byproduct of being deep thinkers. As said earlier, introverts feel energized when they are alone as it provides them with “me” time to hear their own words, gain insight and focus on the problem at hand. Since they are in their mind and contemplating, they do not get distracted which is a great advantage and that makes them the right people to solve problems.

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Less Drama: Being less interested in non-productive conversations supported with a quiet demeanor and a sense of calmness, they tend to dedicate themselves on the task at hand. They stay away from office gossips, prefer meaningful expressions with colleagues and can maintain appropriate boundaries wherever they are at.


Listening Skills: They are great listeners and put a lot of thought on every word that leaves their mouths. This is a very beneficial trait in a workplace as it allows you to absorb knowledge and gain insight from those around you and then respond with a well-defined output. Be Empathetic: Since they have a high level of self-awareness which makes them more sensitive to the needs of others around, they are better positioned to extend a lending hand and show immense consideration to everyone connected with them for work.

Excellent At Correcting Errors: Since they are great listeners, introverts have a self-reflective mindset that enables them to take on any feedback constructively. They even process this information to turn it into action steps for their development and growth. They take their mistakes seriously and begin working to correct their errors with great integrity.

Meaningful Connections: We are living in a digital world and this lock down is a testament to it. Not that digital prowess required any validation; it has helped offices to stay connected and employees to work from the safety of their homes.

Having said that, the digital world might be the playground for the extrovert but the introverts its much more than that. The introvert has one-on-one, in-depth meaningful conversation that stimulates their mind and helps in creating meaningful conversations. This quality is highly beneficial in a modern workplace where work relationships are based on a strong foundation of trust and knowledge that drives efficiency at all levels.

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Work-Life Balance: We have skewed balance between the professional and personal time based on today’s work life. It isn’t surprising that daily interaction with colleagues and dealing with tasks leaves one completely drained. This is something that the introverts are very aware of. They know the importance of spending quality time alone is the best to draw inspiration and motivation. They are able to strike a positive balance between work and personal life.

work_life_balance_meme_jumpwhereAgain, being an introvert should not be confused with being lonely. Solitude can be therapeutic and healing. These days could be hard on the outgoing people but the capacity to enjoy one’s company is a form of emotional maturity and also helps us to glance inward; to see what is it that truly makes us happy and lead fulfilling lives.

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