strategies to deal with children scoring low marks

Examination fever flooded everywhere; may it be in the form of appraisals for yourself or final exams for your children. Unlike yourself, you are more concerned about your kid’s exams. The whole year we remain quiet but suddenly we are under, ‘Extreme pressurized situation’ during exams season! More than the students it seems like the parents are appearing for the exams! In-spite of hectic office work, you will be researching about your kid’s exams, teach them, make various strategies to deal with children scoring low marks and sometimes even end up taking leaves from office as well.

Somehow exam days pass with a short pause post exam till the results are announced. On the result day, you keep biting your nails and then after that LONG WAIT, comes the time to open the report card! Deserving students do score  per expectations and make their parents easy to take the sigh of relief. Some generous parents even end up celebrating or fulfilling their kids’ desires / wishes.

However, there is always a dark side. Yes. You are right, am speaking about those who failed to live up-to their own and their parent’s expectations! What would be the scene at their house?

Sadly, it’s worse than what we can think about. Yes, you can blame the heartless and the competitive world, the ruthless question papers, your kids for not performing, teachers for not teaching properly, mobile phones, technology, friends or even yourself for not being a better parent!

Usual scenario at home when children score less marks in exams:

  1. Parents start yelling at their kids at the top of their voices.
  2. They compare their kids with other kids – sometimes someone among relatives, friends, neighbours or some random top scoring student.
  3. This tends to mentally weaken such kids and they feel left alone. Parents make them feel they aren’t worth being their kids, and sometimes this breaks them emotionally.
  4. They curse themselves for not being a good parent or mom and dad start blaming each other.
  5. The kid who is already upset with marks, is now mentally disturbed and has lost confidence. Most of the time this is the main causes for depression in kids.

Month of March-April is tough for MOST OF US; working employees will have appraisals and kids HAVE THEIR final exams.

If you are a working parent, then you have more challenges to face, however if below pointers are followed, one can plan better. Reasons for failing in exams or less marks can be plenty but need of the hour is to solve the problem by figuring out how parents could deal with their children in this issue.

Eight superb strategies to deal with children scoring low marks to ensure your kid wins big by over-coming the failure

  • Calm yourself first: For a moment, you might seem like the most frustrated human on earth but relax, take a deep breath and just be silent and patient. Your scoldings / yellings will only make the situation worse.
  • Analyse the report card: Sit with your kid and go through the report patiently. Before considering the negatives, point out the good points where they did well and appreciate it. Figure out the areas of improvement. It may not tell the entire story, but atleast you can figure out his or her interest levels in the subjects.
  • Plan the next exam: Come up with a new strategy of learning or road map and change their way of study. Get periodic updates on the same. Help them in any possible way you can.
  • Avoid any kind of punishments: None can change their past, but a sheet of paper isn’t everything to decide your kid’s future. Then why are you screwing your kid’s present and making their future worse? Though not intentionally, pressurizing kids with your interests and desires, is like throttling their wishes, dreams, desires and aspirations. If you punish them today, tomorrow they will start hiding their results and stop sharing a lot of things with you.
  • Read and Think between the lines: Report cards are one of the key ingredients to prepare strategies to deal with children scoring low marks. Report cards aren’t just to be focused on the numbers but also aspects like:
    • Areas of improvement.
    • Subjects they are good at.
    • Areas they are consistently leading and lacking.
    • Chapters / Areas / Subjects  they are struggling to understand.
    • Subjects / Areas they are capable of understanding and not, and lot of other aspects too.


  • Nurture their dreams: Water their dreams and guide them in a planned manner. Race for money, carry family business etc may give them the way to live but not the reason to live. Know your kid’s passion, understand them than being a HITLER in their life. Don’t delay in correcting them if you feel things are worse. Act then and there.
  • Think out of the box: Making them mainstream isn’t a great thing, instead, give them the freedom to think and do out of the box and surely they can do wonders! Ofcourse Engineers are Doctors are most of the parents dream even now, but not to forget there are plenty of dreams in a child’s mind. Your child would still become good doctor or an engineer if you wished to, but he could be the best ” _______”.
  • Push them: Be a mentor / a guide / a trainer who is always reachable to their kids and be a strong support to your kids. Help them understand the topic better, sometimes reading out loud can create interests in learning. Do it for them. Converse with their lecturers / teachers and get periodic feedback. A lot of strategies to deal with children scoring low marks fail because parents concentrate only on studies and nothing else. Not to forget, Brain develops with proper food. Concentrate on their diet and food plan as well as their sleep activities. Plan up some fun activities after school clubs, which may help them rest from the tug off war.

If you still think marks or degree will fetch you success:

  • Mark Zuckerberg (dropped out) founded FACEBOOK first and then gets his honorary degree after 12 years.
  • founder Colonel Sanders was aged 60+ when he found KFC.
  • Sachin Tendulkar was high school drop out.
  • Albert Einstein had speech issue till the age of 9. He seldom spoke.

Hence, it’s totally fine to screw up your 10th or 2nd PU / 12th or even Degree marks. The world doesn’t end by providing good colleges or getting recruited through CAMPUS placements. Practical knowledge matters a lot; E.g. Your kid scored distinction in Electronic engineering but can’t figure out why the TV isn’t working properly.

Nowadays parent’s strategies to deal with children scoring low marks fail because children today are more knowledged / addicted about latest trends / technologies and parents tend to feel degraded or outdated. This could be a boon or a distraction for them; this is where you need to align you kids towards their betterment. Their knowledge on trending areas and your experiences in life along with strategies to deal with children scoring low marks mentioned above can provide perfect inputs needed for your children’s growth.

Grades, marks come and go. What lasts is the EDUCATION!

 Apply these strategies to deal with children scoring low marks and let us know your views on the same. Also, if you have other suggestions, comment below.

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