India is a renowned country for education and behind every successful student is the teacher’s endless efforts. Unlike many others, this teacher does things differently and hence creates a very powerful impact in the field of education by helping poor students to dream, aspire and fulfil the dream in cracking IIT admissions after 2nd PUC / 12th standard with his unique program called SUPER 30.

“you don’t need any infrastructure or help to make any change: dedication and determination are more than sufficient to do anything”.

What is super 30?

Super 30 is an educational program centre in Patna, India by Anand Kumar. The program selects 30 talented students and trains them for IIT-JEE/JEE-ADVANCED entrance exam.

“a flame that has been burnt out can be lit again.

What is so special about super 30?

  • This coaching is only for students who don’t afford tuition fees.
  • Every year 30 selected students get free training, food and stay facility.
  • Super 30 does not accept any funds or donations

Who is the founder of Super 30?

Anand Kumar! a mathematics enthusiast who once sold papad has now jumped to help IIT aspirants to prepare for their entrance exams.

Problems faced by Anand while building up super 30:

  • Anand Kumar was born to a very poor family.
  • His parents couldn’t afford private school fees. He studied in a government school
  • Lost his dad and had to take up all the family responsibilities.

Biggest failure/challenges by Anand while building up super 30:

  • Shortlisted for Cambridge University but dropped the idea due to financial problems.
  • Struggled financially to establish his coaching centre.
  • Embarrassed and humiliated by customers while selling papad to meet family’s ends meet.

Jump back by Anand Kumar:

  • After dad’s death, he was offered his dad’s job but he refused the offer!
  • His competitors threatened him but never gave up teaching.
  • Used to travel 6 hours journey to a library on weekends only to read international maths journals
  • Started to teach mathematics under ‘Ramanujan school of mathematics’ for underprivileged students.
  • Started super 30 for free.

“the resilient ship can sail through the most turbulent of storms.”

Results achieved by Super 30 Program:

                Year No of people cleared IIT JEE entrance out of 30
               2003               18
               2004               22
               2005               26
               2006               28
               2007               28
               2008               30
               2009               30
               2010               30
               2011               24
               2012               27
               2013               28
               2014               27
               2015               25
               2016               28
               2017               30
               2018               26
               2019               18


  • Till date, 410+ students have cracked JEE entrance exam in 16 years period.
  • There are many documentary stories on super 30.
  • Super 30 is planning to expand and spread across different cities.
  • Talks going on, on making a biopic on Anand Kumar and his super30
  • Recently Anand Kumar was awarded ‘Rashtriya Bal Kalyan’ award for his contribution in the world of education. Super 30 has received worldwide recognition in various forums.

don’t be disappointed or dishearten, just try to work hard, and destiny of poor will also change!”

Anand Kumar is an inspiration for both students and teachers: In spite of there being a lot of conspiracies and some allegations going on against Mr Anand we at jumpwhere think he is definitely an amazing inspiration and we salute such heroic teachers who are solving one of the major problems of the country. Truly, “nothing can be achieved in your comfort zone, ask yourself jump where and jump once you have an answer!”

A new edition to Super30 success story: Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is going to act on the film which is based on the true story of Super30 and Mr Anand Kumar. The movie is planned to be released on July 12th 2019. This would definitely be an amazing movie in the field of education and here is the official trailer for the Super30 movie:

For more information about Super 30:

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