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Personal Information:

  • Designation: Team Lead
  • Total Year of Experience: 6 years
  • Parent Company you work: Infosys
  • Onsite Company you are going: Infosys
  • Your domain (Development/Business/Architect): Software Development
  • Stay Period: 6 months
  • Month an year of Travel: March 2018
  • Onsite Details-
    • Area: 6301 Windhaven Pkwy
    • Near by Landmark: The Livingston Apartment
    • Zip-code/Pin-code: 75093
    • City: Texas
    • Country: USA

Steps before Flying:

Question: How is USA Visa process?
Answer: I had to submit my passport, go for an interview for visa process and then if all good i would get my visa approved.

Question: Did your company handle the process for you?
Answer: Yes

Question: Are you allowed to take your dependents? Who will bear the expenses? How much will be the approximate cost per person?
Answer: Yes. Company will bear only 50% of the expenses. Total cost comes up to 20,000 INR.

Question: Is your dependents allowed to work with the dependent visa?
Answer: NO

Question: Did your company take care of booking the tickets for you and your dependants?
Answer: Yes

Question: Did your company take care of providing accommodation for the first few days in USA? If not, how did you find out about the hotels/apartments to stay in?
Answer: Yes. They provided for a weeks time and later on provided me with few suggestions where i could rent out.

Question: How is the taxation in USA?
Answer: No tax DEDUCTED. 

Question: Your parent company that sent you onsite will be paying you or the onsite company where you are placed?
Answer: I am on payroll of onsite company here.

Question: How do you transfer money back home?
Answer: Money exchange

Question: Did you face any challenges?
Answer: Weather conditions are different and getting veg food was difficult. Eating out is very costly. Better to learn cooking before you come.

Onsite Expenses and Life style:

Question:  On an average, what are your monthly expenses?
Answer: 2000 USD

Question: How’s the transport, infrastructure at your stay area?
Answer: Connectivity is good. There are trams (metro) 24*7 and cabs are also there.

Question: Do you get paid on a daily basis or monthly basis?
Answer: Monthly

Question: Stay Facility is provided by company or you need to bare the rent?
Answer: I need to bare the rent and other necessary things. Company only suggests the place.

Question: What is the monthly Charge for decent place for rent (range would be better):
Answer: 1000 USD

Question:  Cost of food if eating outside (1 time, range would be better):
Breakfast: 100-150 USD
Lunch: 300-400 USD
Dinner: 400-500 USD

Question: Cost of Grocery items for daily usage (weekly price would be great):
Answer: 400 USD (Veg) 600 USD (Nonveg)

Travel and Food Itineraries:

(Note: Mention name if remember, else provide the distance from your stay area wherever convenient)

Question: Is it easy to locate Veg /Non Veg restaurants easily?
Answer: Yes. there are many veg restaurants in this locality. There is a place named ‘DOWN TOWN’ where you get Indian veg restaurants as well.

Question: Must Places to visit around?
Answer: East texas museum, Ellen Trout zoo

Question: Religious places around?
Answer: Church at distance of 200 meters. Mosque at a distance of 2 kilometer. Shri Krishna Temple at 6 km distance.

Question: Hospitals /Medical center:
Answer: Millers Hospital (2 km)

Question: Shopping complexes/Malls/Market:
Answer: Market is walkable. Nearest mall is 20 minutes drive.

Other Information:

Question: Official language spoken at your location?
Answer: English (US Accent)

Question: Other Languages spoken
Answer: French

Question: Have you had issues communicating with localities?
Answer: Nothing. May have some racism issues sometimes. Be nice and dont involve in unnecessary arguments.

Question: Any differences in work culture compared to your parent company?
Answer: They don’t mingle much. Finish work and move

Question: What are the cultural differences that you have noticed?
Answer: Dint notice any difference.

Question: How is your Experience Working with local people?
Answer: Good working experience. They are very helpful and punctual and expect the same.

Question: How safe is your place?
Answer: Very secured area and lot of employees stay around.

Question: Any other advice for the first timers looking to move to your location/city/country?
Answer: Be nice. Learn to cook as eating outside is expensive if you are looking to save.

Question: Any specific Do’s and Don’ts in that city/country?
(E.g. Smoking in public, Carrying plastic bags, Using any words, Not safe to get out at night, Robberies etc.)
Answer: No smoking/drinking in public. Do not believe strangers and keep away from mingling with people unnecessarily.

Question: Any other comments?
Answer: Be nice and be careful. Have a copy of your passport and other official id always with you.


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