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Production Engineer – DevOps


About Production Engineering at Ola!

Production Engineering at OLA, is building massive scalable infrastructures and multi‐tenant applications that enrich the user experience. You’re the first line of defense and you make sure Ola continues to function in the face of adversity. We value reliability and automation. We measure and monitor everything, and have a culture of continuous reflection and improvement. We believe in deploying fast and learning from our mistakes. We’re looking for leaders and engineers who share our values, particularly those who have experience in building, maintaining and managing high‐volume, low‐latency and distributed infrastructure for internet and mobile users. We are responsible for managing the highly dynamic OLA production environment running on cutting edge technologies. We are constantly challenged by our ever improving methodologies to ensure top notch App Performance, System Uptime and security and customer delivery. Our team encompasses Production Engineering, Infrastructure orchestration, Release engineering, Data Platforms, Big data operations and managing Bleeding edge Data‐ stores. We enjoy the liberty of working on latest technologies and are in the process of transforming our infrastructure to gen-next. As a part of production engineering (a.k.a. DevOps) teams you would architect, design and manage our platforms and solutions to take Ola Infra and dev‐ops paradigm to a new level.

 Key Deliverables

(Entry & Mid Roles)

  • Invent better ways to manage/automate the administration of new and existing production env via scripting and tools development Design systems architecture for projects using Linux and Linux application stacks (LAMP, Ruby, MySQL, Java, Python etc).
  • Consider, propose, and implement new methods for system deployment, monitoring, management and automation.
  • Devise schemes to transfer, monitor, and verify data are moved from diverse locations, securely and reliably.
  • Realtime problem diagnosis/resolution on live systems.
  • Document processes, systems, and their associated configurations.
  • Hardware and facility capacity planning, provisioning new resources Implement and
  • Participate in on call rotation to handle site outage incidents.

(Senior Level Roles)

 Architect systems, infrastructure and platforms using Linux and Amazon WebServices to support applications in the communications space.

  • Capacity planning and stress testing.
  • Automate and implement permanent solutions to prevent outages / downtimes.
  • Architect deployments for high availability, scalability and reliability.
  • Design and implement continuous integration and continuous delivery platforms.
  • Design and implement platforms for monitoring, log processing, metrics collection and data visualization.
  • Script and code tools (in shell/perl/ruby/python etc) for automation and efficiency.
  • Management of infrastructure and platforms.
  • System and infrastructure configuration management.
  • Infrastructure and platform security.
  • Project management using agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban.
  • Infrastructure and platform cost management.
  • Lead and mentor a team of Operations Engineers.
  • Liaise with distributed application development teams to drive operational best practices.
  • Liaise with external vendors like Amazon

Skills required (Technical, soft skills, specific tools, personality traits)

(Entry & Mid Roles)

  • Linux: In depth Linux/Unix fundamentals, various linux kernel subsystems (memory, storage, network etc) fundamentals.
  • Fundamentals: DNS & Networking Fundamentals, TCP/UDP, IP Routing, HA & Load
  • Balancing Concepts.
  • Application Stacks: LAMP, Nginx /HAproxy /ATS, Tomcat/Jboss etc.
  • Databases: SQL/RDBMS Fundamentals, MySQL, Replication concepts, NoSQL
  • Configuration management: Puppet, Chef, Ansible
  • Tools/Utilities: Nagios, Cacti, Ganglia, Kickstart/Cobbler, Mcollective, Yum, RPM
  • Programming: Good programming fundamentals, Coding in any PERL/Ruby/Python/PHP/Go etc.
  • Others:Regular expressions, Good troubleshooting skill.
  • Plus: Knowledge of virtualization, AWS is a plus.

(Senior Roles)

  • In depth Linux/Unix knowledge, good understanding the various linux kernel subsystems (memory, storage, network etc).
  • DNS, TCP/IP, Routing, HA & Load Balancing.
  • Configuration management using tools like CFEngine, Puppet or Chef or Ansible.
  • Apache Hadoop (optional)
  • SQL and NoSQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and HBase.
  • Build and packaging tools like Jenkins and RPM/Yum.
  • HA and Load balancing using tools like the Elastic Load Balancer and HAProxy.
  • Monitoring tools like Nagios or similar.
  • Log management tools like Logstash/Syslog/ElasticSearch or similar.
  • Metrics collection tools like Ganglia, Graphite, OpenTSDB or similar.
  • Agile Project Management.
  • Amazon Web Services.
  • Programming in a high level language like Python or Ruby. Experience with a JVM language like Java/Clojure/Scala is a plus.
  • Working with Git, various git workflows.

Candidate background required (Education & Experience)

Any UG/PG with 2‐8 Years of relevant experience

Company Name: OLA

Code: OLAPDVPS17052016

Location: Bangalore

Interview date: 21-May-2016

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will get a call for interview.

For more information upload your resume here with proper job code, subject and details.


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