Maslow’s hierarchy of needs describes safety to be one of the basic needs after food, clothing, and shelter for an individual. Safety for the job includes security, the stability of the job, protection, freedom of fear and beyond this much more. Therefore, before you take any job on a long-term basis and make it a career goal, you need to evaluate certain elements before you get set.

In this 21st century, where the recession is on its peak and job market is in a bad situation where most of the people are losing their jobs due to one reason or other you need to be careful. As per the recent estimates, 30 million of American’s are out of job or employed in severe conditions.

Factors to consider whether your workplace environment ensures safety and good health

Hygiene: At first, we need to consider regarding hygiene; the workplace and its surroundings are tidy and not filthy or dirty which would affect an individual’s health.

Growth: The Company should have growth graph upwards for future so that you feel secure and there is no fear of termination without reason. So, the company should have a good profit margin where they can bear the expenses for their employees.

Women: If it is a woman, then there needs to be security which includes other’s respect for her and no harassment issue/complaints etc. Also, it is better if women take up the job whose location is easy like not in remote areas rather in the main city where access to requirements like cab, canteens etc. is at much ease.

Plan- B: Future is unpredictable, so always have plan-B in mind especially if you are the main bread earner for the family or be it for self like what if you lose this job? Other alternatives which could include:

  • You doing part-time apart from just job and home
  • Making any hobby turned into a business
  • Taking up online based home jobs

Finally, Evaluation: Evaluate the company with respect to:

  • Past records
  • Status in the market
  • Brand image
  • Employability which includes treating employees well, pay procedure, fulfil all requirements, good management, proper facilities etc.

Thus, keeping all this in mind you need to work for yourself for a better future rather than just acquiring a job and feel life is done. Instead, there are many more things to be explored and thus learned.

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